Review of The Queen Makes a Grave Mistake

Review of DefeatedThe Queen Makes a Grave Mistake – 20 mins

The Queen Elizabeth is once again in front of the camera claiming she is undefeated, that all of her loses where just for show and how she can beat all the pathetic girls here. Just then Meryl enters, telling Elizabeth that anyone can beat her sorry ass. Which of course The Queen takes as a challenge and calls Meryl a liar and will show her just how big of a loser she really is. Meryl accept the challenge and as the battle begins Meryl is off to a great start, blocking The Queen’s first punch and literally kicking her ass. Unfortunately for Meryl, Elizabeth has an ace up her non-existing sleeve, in the form of Meda, who steps in just in time to save The Queen from any more ass kicking. Meryl is now in huge trouble as Elizabeth gets free shots on Meryl while Meda holds Meryl’s arms back. After some belly punching, low blows and face punches The Queen departs, ordering Meda to destroy Meryl like she paid her for. And destroy Meryl is exactly what Meda does. Meryl stands no chance against Meda, especially after the beating Elizabeth gave her. Meryl is out on her feet when Elizabeth left, and it only take a little more beating to put Meryl out cold and becoming a twitching, drooling ragdoll for Meda to play with. Ragdoll Meryl is kicked around the mats and put through several painful submission holds where her only reaction is some moaning in pain and in some cases, more drooling. After several minutes The Queen re-enters, ordering Meda to “Move her fat ass!” as Elizabeth wants to claim the win for herself. Words that that don’t sit very well with Meda, but she leaves as she was told anyway. Elizabeth now picks up right were Meda left off, dominating the twitching ragdoll with more submission holds, and humiliating face sits. Again, not much reactions coming from the unconscious Meryl. After several more minutes The Queen finally rolls Meryl up for a final 10 count pin and goes to take her final victory pose as she talks about how bad Meda’s feet look and how sexy her toes are. When Meda attacks from behind with a tight sleeper that almost KOs The Queen right away. Elizabeth is down on the mats now, twitching and gasping for air, as Meda forces Elizabeth kiss her feet. A final sleeper puts The Queen out cold and Meda tosses Elizabeth over Meryl leaving a pile of sleeping bodies in the middle of the mats.

More Defeated action for guys and this title only gives you half the story. Yes, The Queen Elizabeth gets herself in some real hot water, but not before setting Meryl up to get beatdown first. But first, I again have to state my love for these opening scenes with Elizabeth running her mouth about how good she is and how she’s never lost, she’s really good at doing that and the close up of Elizabeth is quite nice too. Anyway, Meryl comes in to interrupt the rant this time claiming that anyone can beat Elizabeth’s “sorry ass” and Meryl was about to back up her word too, but Meda steps in to save the day, apparently hired by The Queen to beatdown Meryl. It’s a nice set up for what turned out to be a great one sided beatdown. First Elizabeth sticks around for a little bit to get some free shots in on Meryl as well as some trash talk too, of course. Then Elizabeth takes off and Meda pretty much ragdolls Meryl. I am pretty sure this is the first time we get to see Meryl ragdolled, but if you ever seen her in the exhaustion video or in pretty much any other video, you would know that Meryl is a great jobber and she totally nails this twitchy ragdoll role. Meda who hasn’t been around for a while, unsurprisingly still kicks ass, at well, kicking ass. Elizabeth comes back, unfortunately having changed her outfit, looking to claim the glory, but she makes the grave mistake of insulting Meda, instead of asking Meda nicely to leave. Elizabeth gets to enjoy a little of time ragdolling the already beaten down Meryl, before Meda comes back for revenge. After a little bit of choking and humiliation, The Queen herself is now no better off than Meryl and is piled on top. Elizabeth’s added destruction is literally the cherry on top of this video, which I mostly and obviously about ragdolling Meryl, which was great, but getting to Elizabeth get KO’d with some overselling is never a disappointing thing. I don’t think Elizabeth has seen or felt the power of Meda before this, but she certainly knows now, she better be real nice to Meda.   

Overall Score: 9.9/10