Review of The Queen Invades Hungary

Review of DefeatedThe Queen Invades Hungary – 23.5 mins

For the first time ever we have some roaster crossover, as The Queen Elizabeth from Italy has come to visit Hungary. She of course has a lot to say to the camera about being the best and undefeated and so on. We all know and love her excuses for being immune to loses on her recorded. But what The Queen doesn’t know WILL hurt her, as here on the Hungarian side of Defeated we have a new addition to the roster and we have decided to allow her to introduce herself to The Queen and give her a not so royal welcome. Ladies, gentleman and Queen Elizabeth, meet Ninel! She’s big, she’s real strong and she’s beautiful. Ninel interrupts Elizabeth mid rant and KOs her with amazing ease. She goes on to put The Queen is several more KO holds, but Elizabeth is already out and all she can do is twitch and moan. Ninel leaves after a little ragdolling, allowing Elizabeth to recover. The Queen wakes up after a short nap and is unsure who or what took her out, but she’s not happy about, she begins ranting to the camera again, allowing Ninel to sneak attack her again. Again The Queen goes out cold and is a twitch ragdoll for a while, until Ninel leaves again allowing Elizabeth the chance to recover. This cycle happens two more times with The Queen getting weaker and weaker each time, that is until Ninel puts Elizabeth into a torture rack, easily hoisting The Queen on to her shoulders for a final KO. I don’t think this is the kind of competition Elizabeth expected coming to Hungary, but I know we sure enjoyed it and we hope you do too.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and we really got a great one here for you guys, as this one video makes two announcements. The first one is that Defeated has a new wrestler, Ninel and she is definitely going to be a heel for the foreseeable future, as she is monster. The other news is that for the first time Italy and Hungary have crossed paths, as Elizabeth took a trip to Budapest. Now, The Queen might not have been too happy about running into Ninel on her first day in Hungary, but I know I sure was. Ninel gave Elizabeth the only kind of welcome I could hope for, and that is a brutal ragdoll beat down. Well, ragdoll-ish, as Elizabeth does wake up several times, only to be attacked again by Ninel, but while Ninel has her hands on Elizabeth, The Queen is nothing more than a twitchy ragdoll. It’s always so good to see Elizabeth getting crushed like this and it’s great to see some roster cross over, that could be just what Defeated needs to help spice up and build up the Hungarian roster. Just imagine the possibilities, Stella vs Alyssa and/or Orsi B, or Amirah vs Poison, or Ninel vs Meryl and/or Lilith. A lot of good matchups can come from some roster cross over. Speaking of spicing up, Ninel is a hell of an addition, I love her already. First of all, she looks incredible, sexy and strong, clearly some body building in her background. We might have to think of a way to see her lose some day, and she got a great demeanor already too. She’s cocky, but calm, so she nicely talks trash, using her inside voice, it works pretty well actually. This was a great update for Defeated, great news, giving us a little idea to what the future holds, and a great Elizabeth squash, which I just can’t get enough of… win/win.

Overall Score: 9.9/10