Review of Sleeperkid’s World THE PURRFECT STORM – 31 min

A TRULY EPIC MATCH BETWEEN TWO OF THE VERY BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!! We fade in on a very diva-esque and cocky Sumiko posing for the camera before telling the world how much prettier the SKW title belt would be resting on HER shoulder instead of Sapphire’s.  She leaves to prepare for the match, but hides a thick steel chain and collar under a nearby bathrobe.  We then cut to Sapphire telling her fans she’s pretty sure Sumiko’s losing her mind.  She may have even beaten Sumiko up so bad in the past that the poor girl’s memory is starting to go!  Sumiko interrupts and demands a match, which Sapphire happily agrees to.  The battle begins, and Sumiko traps Sapphire in a tight arm/headlock.  Sapphire breaks free with some knees to the gut and traps Sumiko in a brutal chickenwing/chinlock/smother combo and delivers a triple CURB STOMP KO!  Sapphire can’t believe Sumiko had the nerve to challenge her yet AGAIN and vents her frustrations to the camera, all while Sumiko wakes up, grabs her weapon, and proceeds to CHOKE the champ’s lights out! Sumiko goes for a straddle pin but Sapphire manages to wake up and trap her in a back bend chokehold that puts little Sumiko OUT. Sapphire is now FURIOUS and proceeds to completely destroy Sumiko with a BARRAGE of KOs and submission attacks. In the end, Sapphire ties Sumiko up and cleave-gags her, writing “property of Sapphire” on her belly as the poor jobber girl whimpers on the mats.  Sapphire slams her fist into her jaw, knocking her out and leaving her on the mats for the world to see as the camera fades to BLACK.

These two ladies really are the some of the best in the business without a doubt, in their respective roles. No matter how great of a heel Sumiko can be, she just can’t top Sapphire and the same goes for Sapphire when it comes to playing the jobber. Sumiko’s acting is definitely another high point, she plays the cocky arrogant girl so well every time she’s asked to do it, it just seems second nature for her and Sapphire really gets fired up after Sumiko cheats. I also got give a round of applause for the custom writer here, he does a great job of using a lot of uncommon moves in his videos and it is really nice to see and he also comes up with great storylines to set his videos up. Sapphire and Sumiko totally knock with one out of the park, which should be a surprise to no one. I will say, even though it sets up Sapphire added aggression and Sapphire did sell the hell out of her single KO, I don’t love her KO part. I can’t honestly say it should be removed, because it’s such a vital story part, but if it could have been a failed attempt by Sumiko, much like her second attempt, that would have be better for me personally. Other than that, Sumiko’s outfit, her selling, the moves used in this and the story behind it all is literally flawless. Also the bondage at the end is a great little cherry on top. I know this custom writer is going to keep the videos like this coming and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.

Overall Score: 9.9/10