Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE PURRFECT DREAMS – 28 Mins

We fade in on a brand new tag team making their way to the SKW mats:  It’s Sumiko and Lucy Purr… forming The PURRFECT DREAMS for the very first time!!!  The ladies preen and pose for the cameras before announcing their intent to destroy 6’4 TAKAIJI as a debut and gift to the fans!  Takaiji overhears this and makes her way to the mats, cackling as she not only accepts the challenge but decides to start the match right away.  Sumiko goes first and uses her speed to trap Takaiji in a standing sleeper, but the Amazon badass slams Sumiko against the floor, taking the wind out of her.  Sumiko become a victim to the powerful redhead’s standing Octopus lock, a torture rack, camel clutch, a Southern Discomfort, and a Belle Ringer… one where Lucy manages to BARELY get the tag! Takaiji doesn’t see it and takes a sudden double attack from the “Dreams”.  They manage to knock her out with a neck scissors and furiously go for the pin, but Takaiji throws them across the mats!!!   Sumiko is forced to return to the outskirts of the mats as Takaiji takes her anger out on Lucy Purr via a brutal “Death Star” submission lock/KO, a tight neck scissors KO, and a pin attempt that an angry Sumiko breaks up with an illegal attack!   Takaiji replies with a sudden clothesline that nearly takes Sumiko’s head off. Takaiji is now ROYALLY pissed, and attacks Sumiko with a bow and arrow as her tag partner lays unconscious.  Takaiji follows up with a brutal Scorpion Crosslock, and an extended MEXICAN CEILING HOLD/ROMERO HOLD that turns into a kneelock/dragon sleeper KO!  Takaiji finally goes for a pin but Lucy manages to attack with a very weak forearm smash to the back.  Exhausted, Lucy collapses, leaving a frustrated Takaiji to do her worst.  She attacks Lucy with a modified single leg boston crab and a Japanese straight jacket choke KO.  Sick of this new tag teams’ shenanigans, Takaiji tortures them with a double dragon sleeper KO, a sleeper/neckscissors combo double KO, and a final body pile 10 count pin!! We fade in to moments later, with both Sumiko and Lucy tied up and out cold, their bellies marked with humiliating nicknames.  They come to and struggle as Takaiji laughs, leaving them there for the camera to capture! Includes alternate neck chop KO double finisher!!!

SK didn’t say this so I guess I will, best 1 on 2 squash in SKW history… arguably. I say that, not only because this was a great squash, but also because it was done in a very fun and entertaining way. So it wasn’t just Sumiko and Lucy being weak, helpless, or scared, unable to put up a fight against the incredible Takaiji, but instead they were over confident and cocky, even in Takaiji’s face, even after they started losing, even after the woke up hogtied, they remained  boastful, that is as long as Takaiji didn’t have her hands in them. When one of them was locked in a hold they weren’t so cocky, for good reason. Speaking of holds, got some nice new submission holds in this one and man they looked great and painful. Also got plenty of KOs too, first one on one, both Sumiko and Lucy suffering through a KO or two while the other is forced to watch or was already knocked out and I loved seeing on tag partner laid out in the background, sometimes foreground, while the other partner gets worked over. Than later together as Takaiji tired of being sneak attacked. Which actually brings me to another point, The Purrfect Dreams actually managed to KO Takaiji once after a sneak attack, but their reign was short lived as Takaiji was just too strong. So to wrap up this unexpectedly long winded review, this is an excellent 1 on 2 destruction, love the cocky jobbers, the powerful heel, the new submissions, all the KOs, the shiny black bikinis, the ending and how it all came together in this extremely entertaining video.

Overall Score: 9.9/10