Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE PURRFECT DREAMS 2 – 20 mins

The Purrfect Dreams (Lucy Purr and Sumiko) are BACK…and this time the beautiful tag team are SURE they can take out SKW’s champ: the powerful and always-quipping Sapphire!   After some serious trash talk we suddenly cut to twenty minutes later, with Lucy completely unconscious on the mats (surprise!) and Sumiko trapped in a brutal over the shoulder backbreaker!!!!  Spoiler alert:  the “Dreams” are destined to do JUST that, as our champ takes her time wiping the mats with BOTH members of a failing tag team, stacking them up after a BRUTAL on-on-two finisher!!!!

You just got to love the Purrfect Dreams, Sumiko and Lucy taking on foes much too powerful for them and looking so good doing it, in fact I’d say they are the best looking jobber tag team in SKW, aside for Sparrow and Luna of course. Anyway, this time they challenge Sapphire and of course they are super confident, thinking that their weapons and overall talent well be enough to take down the champ. Fade to a few minutes later and Lucy is out cold while Sapphire has fun with Sumiko. I love this aspect of 1 on 2 handicapped matches, where one girl is out cold, or at least too weak to help, while her partner is in big trouble and sometimes even begging for help. There is a good amount of this kind of thing in this video. Sapphire effortlessly dominates Sumiko and Lucy, most of the time one of them are down on them mats while she works on the other and then switches. It goes without saying, both Sumiko and Lucy sell this great, not too much over the top action aside from plenty of tongue out and a bit of twitching, but it was enough to make this beat down seem brutal enough. I also liked the bondage ending, with Sapphire tying them up, humiliating them, letting them struggle a bit and the knocking them out, nice ending that we don’t get to see very often. Overall, The Purrfect Dreams deliver again and if you loved the first one, then you will love this one.

Overall Score: 9.9/10