Review of The Punisher: Episode Two

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Punisher: Episode Two – 28.5 Mins

beccaIf you recall, your new girlfriend Becca recently introduced you to her “job” … beating up low class criminals (see “The Punisher”). In this epic episode, she introduces you to an underground fight club and another style of fighting that she really loves! You follow her to the club where she finds a tough woman named Antoinette along with her second, Tommie. The rules are given … a no holds barred fight with one minute breaks between rounds. But Becca has one more rule to add; the match isn’t stopped until the winner is COMPLETELY done with the loser. Antoinette and Tommie laugh and the first round begins! Becca the Punisher allows her opponent to hit her at will throughout this round simply to size her up. She takes hard punches to the face and body but doesn’t seem very fazed by them. The bell rings and we listen in on Antoinette and Tommie in their corner and find out that the dark haired fighter is tired and shocked that she couldn’t seem to hurt The Punisher! Round two has Becca in complete control, punching Antoinette out for 3 full minutes! The Hispanic beauty is dropped with an uppercut but is luckily saved by the bell! In round three, Becca decides to work her opponent over with some wrestling holds and poor Antoinette gets further destroyed by a Boston Crab, an arm bar, body and head scissors, and more punches! Antoinette submits over and over again but as Becca declared in the beginning, the fight isn’t over until the winner is done with the loser! Round four finds The Punisher slapping a tight camel clutch on the nearly defeated Antoinette and when the poor woman SCREAMS her submission Tommie jumps in the ring to stop the fight. Big mistake! Becca has another rule … anyone who steps into her ring during a match must fight her too! Tommie hesitates but tires to punch Becca and soon finds herself getting destroyed with punches and wrestling holds then knocked out with a debilitating torture rack! The fight ends with a knockout ground and pound on Antoinette, some sexy victory poses by Becca over both girls, and Becca taking you by the hand to exit the fray! You’ll LOVE seeing your girlfriend in her most dominant role!

Again we are treated with a very good Antoinette destruction, with a little Tommie destruction on the side. I have really been loving Antoinette playing the jobber role, it seems like she’s really getting comfortable with it and her selling had been getting better and better, even better now than the last time I said her selling was getting better. Antoinette is also looking really amazing too, very toned and sexy. Becca again proves to be one of the best actresses at FWR, no matter what the role is, Becca can nail it. I really like how Becca interacts with the camera and talks trash, really feels like it comes so natural to her. I also love that this turned into a two for one, as Tommie tries to stop the fight, only to get beaten up too. Becca is a superhuman, taking all of Antoinette’s punches, basically shrugging them off and then dominates Antoinette and Tommie with ease. I really love the one sided action, love that it was mostly a fist fight with some wrestling mixed in. I love that Tommie got involved and KO’d as well. The first round was a bit of a drag, but for the story it had to take a while, so that it would tire out Antoinette. Plus once the action really kicks off, the first round is quickly forgotten. I really enjoy this punisher idea and I hope to see Becca kicking more butt in another episode hopefully soon.

Overall Score:  9.5/10