Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE PRACTICE DUMMY – 25 mins

SK walks in on what looks to be Sparrow laid out on the mat, twitching and unconscious…  but Sparrow isn’t supposed to be in town, which leaves SK confused on how she got back here and what happened to her.  Checking her eyes, reveals Sparrow’s pupils are white! Black Velvets enters and SK is finally given some answers. Apparently, this is actually a Training Doll for Black Velvets, she explains.  The bodacious blonde, still frustrated from her loss to Cassidy, has decided to take her aggression out on the ravishing replica. She convinces SK to stay and watch the destruction. She wraps “Sparrow” into a Sleeper Hold, making the training dolls kick and spasm, struggling to stay conscious, her white-out eyes bugging and rolling as she writhes and drools, fading out slowly until her body becomes unresponsive.  Cackling gleefully, Black Velvets indulges in a little Limp Play before wrapping her thighs around “Sparrows” neck for a crushing Neck Scissors, easily overpowering the tiny android, her thong clad butt bouncing as she struggles desperately, eyes fluttering shut until she’s knocked out again, her tongue lolling out of her mouth, in perfect position for an inverted Neck Scissors, once again causing her training implement to writhe and twitch violently, drool spilling from slack lips as her eyes bug and roll.  Finally fading out, Black Velvets crawls over “Sparrow” for an easy ten-count pinfall, and then pulls the helpless humanoid into a seated Body Scissors, enjoying every shudder and convulsion until she goes still.  Knee Drops, Belly Splashes, Strangling and Bear Hugs keep the Doll in a constant state of flesh shaking spasms and spittle.  Black Velvets is set for punishing her new toy.

Again I get to do my favorite type of review, one for one of my customs and as you know I tend to go long winded with my custom reviews, so get comfortable. Of course, whenever you guys see an OTT Sparrow video everyone looks at me, which of course I cannot blame any of you for, as I am responsible for most of her over the top destructions. This time however, I did something unique and it’s obvious what that is, the white out contacts. This detail turned out to be quite the conversation started, as I’ve already heard for some people this made the video an automatic pass and for some it made it something they just had to have. I personally think it’s pretty cool most of the time. I really love it when the contacts blend in with her eyes and you just see big full white eyes. Those moments are unbelievable, but when you get close enough you can clearly see the contacts are much whiter than her eyes and sometimes not even covering all of her pupils. Those moments are still cool, but more in a zombie-ish kind of why. In the end they are not a replacement for real eye rolling but something I feel worked fairly well and something I think I will revisit in the future. Next, when I found out SKW was allowing thong bikinis, I immediately made contact with the boss and got his approval for this lovely shiny pink thong bikini that I bought and sent his way. Which was an excellent decision as Sparrow, that pink thong and all that crazy Sparrow twitching made for some amazing scenes. That bear hug scene being one of the best in the whole video. Come to think of it, I bought most of the things Sparrow wore in this video, the bikini, the boots and I’m pretty sure I bought those white out contacts after her previous pair wore out. Anyway, next let’s talk about the actual match. I chose to go with Jacquelyn as the heel mainly for that shot near the end where Jacquelyn mocked Sparrow, rolling her eyes back and sticking her tongue out, Jackie is the best eye roller in the game so why not take advantage of that. Also chose her to be Black Velvets, because I think it a great character and I didn’t like that someone made her lose already, so now hopefully she’ll be back and kicking more ass soon. There’s is a lack of power moves in this one because Sparrow can’t really see anything with those contacts in, so we kept the moves pretty simple to keep Sparrow safe. I still feel like it was a pretty brutal beatdown, with a good mixture a moves and just general brutality. Sparrow sold her ass off, as always. Jacquelyn was cold hearted and just loving beating on her practice dummy. I got lots of eye checks, wide open eyes for almost all of the video, including some open eyes for the KOs, really showing off the contacts, a couple of really sexy leg hook pins and of course lots and lots of OTT greatness. Although the practice dummy idea wasn’t my idea, I planned that Black Velvets did something to the actual Sparrow to make her like this, but the way they did it, that actually still could be the case. Jacquelyn almost seemed to make it up on the spot about the practice dummy idea and SK just kept asking, are you sure this isn’t really Sparrow or saying things like, she’s awfully life like, which of course Jacquelyn would either make up an excuse for or just sometimes completely ignore. So maybe I can continue this in another video where Sparrow talks about a time where she just blacked out and woke up days later back home and in pain or maybe something showing Jacquelyn or one of her employees capturing Sparrow and putting her into this dummy state. Who knows, but the practice dummy idea works great and this suspicion of that may have been the actual Sparrow and not a practice dummy is a better open ending then anything I would have thought of. In conclusion, this was an awesome video, a fun experiment and another outstanding performance by my favorite jobber Sparrow Summers. I can only imagine what horrible things I’ll have happen to her next.

Overall Score: 11/10