Review of The Outlaw

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Review of Kayla ObeyThe Outlaw – 8 mins

Kayla is a foul-mouthed outlaw, always picking fights. Despite her brazen ego, she isn’t the quickest draw in the West. Donning her holster, she takes on accomplices, peeping toms, the Sheriff, and her man’s wife in a series of 10 gn fights. With the exception of one, she meets her end. The shots thudding into her tits, belly, ass, and pussy, filling her with lead.

Here’s a really nice gun fun video recently released by Kayla Obey. As always with Kayla she manages to take another really simple idea and makes it very and very sexy. She does a great job of setting up quick and simple stories for each scene, before excellently acting out her own demise. She makes it very sexy by losing more and more clothing and the scenes go on and even squeezed in a little masturbation along the way. She ends up in plenty of great positions with death stares after being gunned down and there‚Äôs some sexy teasing before and after if she defeats you. This is also one of her more talkative videos, she she’s pretty cocky most scenes, even getting a laugh or two out of me. It’s vids like this that made me love Kayla and my love grows for her she continues to improve on her craft, gifting us with better and better videos, while still keeping them simple and sexy.

Overall Score: 9.5/10