Review of The Next Foxy Rocky

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Review of Hit the MatThe Next Foxy Rocky (Kymberly Jane v Samantha Grace)

The Battle for the Bowtie, and who gets to be the next Foxy Rocky is here! Samantha Grace and Kymberly Jane glove up to fight for the prize in a fantasy foxy boxing battle.

Another great strip boxing match, for HTM. This one stars Kym Jane and Sam Grace, as they both were told they get to be the new Foxy Rocky. Some storyline that HTM has cooked up, that I’m honestly not really on top of. Nonetheless, this turns into a contest to see who gets the role. Best thing about this matchup, is both Kym and Sam are super sexy, awesome jobbers and can both talk tons of trash, all these traits come in very handy of a video like this. It’s a great back and forth battle, with big punches, low blows, plenty of knockdowns and of course plenty of trash talk as they both want to and think they will win. Who wins in the end, in my opinion, isn’t really important. They both end up naked and one of them is eventually knocked out. The one thing I don’t love is the mouth guards, I’m ok with mouth guards when they are used a gimmick, flying out all the time or something, but right up until the very end, they just make all the trash talking harder than should be to understand. Other than that, this is another HTM smash hit, with Sam and Kym, you can’t go wrong.

Overall Score: 9.5/10