Review of THE MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES: part 14

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES: part 14 – 17 mins

It’s been YEARS since the lovely FAITH has shown her face at SKW, and there’s a good reason for that.  As we fade in to this amazing clip, we see the lovely blonde powerhouse cradling the unconscious body of Ellena, AKA: her former best friend (and mentor) Fantasy’s daughter.  Turns out Fantasy had promised Faith a spot as her tag team partner back in the day, but instead handed it to her own kin.  Furious, Faith returned and took the young jobber out, proceeding to torture her with a sleeper hold KO, ragdolling, belly punishment, a wall splash KOs bearhug KO, and a brutal TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER…all intended to act as vengeance against her former bestie for abandoning her.   Satisfied, she goes for the final pin, but an enraged Fantasy runs in and stomps Faith down.   She traps the tall blonde in a deadly sleeper hold that eventually knocks her out.  She wakes her daughter up and the tag team decides to take their newfound rage out on the sleeping Faith.  The two do so with gusto, taking their taller opponent out repeatedly, until a final BRUTAL chair-based set of KOs leave the returning wrestler down and OUT for the count!

It is really cool to see Faith again, after all these years. This is the kind of thing that makes us keep hope that more lost favorites from the past will one day turn up again. I always liked Faith in the dominate role, but she always had some good jobbing skills in her as well and it’s clear that it’s still there. I wouldn’t have mind Faith beating the crap out of Ellena for the whole vide, but it was quite a beatdown Faith got once Fantasy came in to save the day and we all know Faith will be getting her revenge soon, so I am totally fine with watching Faith play the jobber on this one. Also, I always love a little added story, so the whole thing about Faith being upset for being replaced by Ellena is great. As much as I enjoyed this one, I know I’m going to really love the next one. Fantasy and Ellena are one of the best jobber teams at SKW and always put on a great show for us.

Overall Score: 9/10