Review of THE MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES: part 12

Review of Sleeperkid’s World THE MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES: part 12 – 25 Mins

EllenaWe fade in on a very worried Ellena pacing on the mats.  Her mother Fantasy is late for their training session, and Ellena has NO idea that SKW’s newest monster heel TINY (6’9) is the man responsible for that.  SK tries to explain this to her…right as Tiny sneaks out of the locker room, and by then it’s too late!  He attacks, trapping the young wrestler in a brutal sleeper hold until she’s out cold!  He ragdolls her, lets her drop, and proceeds to destroy the rookie…just for FUN!   The evil Tiny tears Ellena apart, leaving her out cold on the mats over and over, until his final TINY SPECIAL finisher ends it all for the devastated jobber!   Could this feud finally be over? Don’t count on it!

Part two of this much anticipated 3 part addition to the amazing MOAB series and another great one sided destruction is upon us. Ellena who’s less experienced then her mother, of course, didn’t stand a chance against the monster Tiny. I always feel like everything time we see a new video with Ellena she sells a little better than before and feel safe saying that she has improved yet again, with a little more eye reactions and great reaction to all the power moves, as well as some nice twitching too. Great moves list, as always with Tiny, we great a ton of high impact moves that you just can’t find anywhere else, topped off with a bunch of awesome piledrivers and a few limp ones at the very end. Also, Ellena’s outfit looks amazing. If you’re wondering, the veteran pro, Fantasy, is the better jobber, but her daughter is no slouch. I cannot wait for the next installment where both mother and daughter take on the monster and we all know that won’t end well for them, it’s going to be amazing.


Overall score 9.5/10