Review of THE MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES: part 11

Review of Sleeperkid’s World THE MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES: part 11 – 29 Mins

FantasyWe fade in on Fantasy looking distraught and angry as she tells the camera that she’s worried about her daughter’s upcoming match against Tiny.  She warns the giant that he’d better not get too rough on Ellena… all while the 6’9 beast walks up behind her, smiling.  He suddenly attacks and proceeds to destroy the pro wrestler for nearly 30 minutes straight, and it’s all a precursor to his upcoming match against Fantasy’s offspring!! This clip DEFINES brutality, folks.  It’s definitely one of the best squashes SKW will EVER see!!

“One of the best squashes SKW will ever see” is actually incredibly accurate. There’s a certain kind of magic you get when we get two professionals doing their thing for us at SKW. And even though it’s not a ragdoll video, or anything insanely over the top, this is still an outstanding squash. Fantasy is the best at the high flying, high impact moves and has always been a great seller. All that stuff in on grand display in this vid. We get tons of high impact moves and amazing finishing moves, like an amazing double powerbomb and several devastating piledrivers that all look and are reacted to amazingly. Even though not too over the top, we do get plenty of twitching and a little bit of drooling at the end. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better than seeing a ragdolled Sparrow for 30 mins, but when you step out of the world of ridiculous specially matches, this is some of the best action you will see. Tiny is more and more funny with each video and I’ll never get tired of seeing “Twinkle Toes” Tiny sneak up on his unsuspecting victims, especially when they’re talking as tough as Fantasy was. This places the bar pretty high for the two remaining clips in this series, but I certainly look forward to seeing what Ellena can do and how Fantasy and Ellena do together.

Overall Score: 10/10