Review of The Masked man destroys Allie Parker

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Review of Wrestling DominationThe Masked man destroys Allie Parker – 6 Mins

allieIn this match Allie Parker get punished with her first pile drivers. Allie wanted to shake my hand, but I don’t play that. I wasn’t having it today and went straight to work on beating Allies ass. The girl had no fight in her. Clubs, kicks, punches, chokes and more. She never quit, I’ll give her that. She took the beating like a good girl. And don’t forget about the 3 devastating pile drivers. I was disappointed that she had no fight in her.

A short, but sweet one sided destruction here, as in just over 5 mins, the lovely Allie Parker is completely dominated and defeated by a powerful masked heel. This one may be just over 5 mins, but it has several KOs, several great piledrivers, is just an overall brutal beatdown and is pretty action packed. Allie looks amazing in her black outfit and sells excellently. I’m a big fan Allie being a dominated jobber, especially in a pro wrestling style like this. So this one is short, but is another one I’d recommend checking out.

Overall Score: 9/10