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Kelevra suffers of lethargy disease. Her husband has got a secret fetish for her unaware body, so he takes the opportunity of her deeply sleeping moments, to move her like a marionette. Kelevra seems to be a big marionette in his hands. He moves her like a doll, without any opposition of the girl. He makes she stand up, lie on floor, then moves her arms and legs in various positions. While she is sleeping he undresses her, leaving her tits exposed. Kelevra seems really to be a body without any life or will. He continues to move her till he has got his satisfaction, and then he leaves her on the floor.

I don’t know how super-secret this alias is of a curtain beloved tiny Italian jobber, as I’ve been yelled at before for mixing aliases, so I won’t say exactly what name we all know this lovely blond as, but it’s should be hard to figure out. Nonetheless this video was discovered by a fan of mine who quickly reported back to me and of course me being a big fan of the leading lady grabbed this vid ASAP. This is another vid that is super focused on the limp fetish theme. Kelevra, as she’s known in this production is completely out cold for the entire video, never showing any signs of life. The guy poses and plays with her until he’s had his fun. I wouldn’t have minded her waking up or something to break up the limp play a bit, but a complete ragdoll vid isn’t a bad thing. I also love her outfit, well mainly the converse, of course. It’s always nice to see some favorites for other productions working elsewhere and this was a good find and good grab. Ragdolling while wearing converse is something that I always like to find.

Overall Score: 8.5/10