Review of The Love of Dr. Lux

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsThe Love of Dr. Lux – 18 Mins

KeriWe fade in to Keri laid out on the couch at her therapist Dr. Lux’s office (Cadence Lux). Dr. Lux is listening intently to Keri as she describes her stress load the past few weeks. It’s quite obvious Keri is anxious, and the good doctor is more than ready to ease her pain. The therapist suggests a special kind of therapy, not going into much detail, but is very adamant about having Keri’s unconditional trust for each phase to work properly. Keri looks a bit skeptical as she eventually agrees, but her desire to overcome her gloominess is stronger than her doubts. Dr. Lux coaxes Keri in front of her, both on their feet. While Keri takes in a deep breath and relaxes, the therapist’s arms reach around from behind her neck and apply a strong rear naked/sleeper hold! Keri’s eyes go wide and glassy as she fights uselessly against the expert lock. She slowly, ever so slowly succumbs to the darkness after collapsing to her knees, butt and then back. The Dr. laughs gleefully when Keri is limp, her passion evident. First, of course, she exposes Keri’s breasts by pulling up her shirt, followed by the removal of her boots. Dr. Lux is sure to pay attention to Keri’s feet, lucking, sucking and fellating her soles and toes. She uses Keri’s body at her whim, doing anything sensual/erotic she can think of. Keri comes to with her top wrapped up around her neck and her boots gone, pants in disarray… she’s DEFINITELY in a panic now! Dr. Lux coos at her, calming her down with a series of soothing words expertly spoken. She tells Keri she’s repressing memories and that her reaction is normal. Winning Keri’s trust yet again, she convinces her to move on to ‘phase two’ of the treatment. Positioning herself behind her patient, the Dr. broadly and non-descriptively murmurs explanations as her hand raises high in the air. When it drops, it clamps tightly on to the neck of a stunned and unsuspecting Keri. The nerve jolt sends Keri’s eyelids flying wide open as her eyes get glassy and she fades away very slowly. Once again, Dr. Lux embarks on her sexual exploration of Keri during this phase of treatment, undressing herself and Keri. Keri comes around yet again, and there’s no excuses left for the Doc. Moving quickly, Dr. Lux throws a still woozy Keri down and applies a vice grip head scissors. Try as she might, Keri can’t escape. The hot and bothered therapist is lost in the moment and the hold as she clenches her thighs tighter and tighter, as Keri slowly, every so slowly goes under again. Dr. Lux amps up her sensual onslaught here, even more turned on knowing that Keri is aware of her sexual escapades. Keri is limp and lovely as her doctor knowingly takes care of her most erogenous places. Feeling that Keri is a flight risk, however. Dr. Lux decides it’s time to take what she can from their ‘session’. She climbs atop Keri’s limp, expressionless face and rides her soft lips (with her very own ‘lips’). She starts off slowly, teasingly, until she gets so overwhelmed with excitement and presses her pussy down hard. She cums all over her clients limp, lovely face just as she starts to come around again… Keri sits up quickly as Dr. Lux adjusts her panties (post-orgasm), both of them struggling to grasp reality. Keri starts spitting, an odd taste in her mouth, which the doctor brushes off nonchalantly. The woozy patient is horrified when she looks down and learns she’s clad only in her bra/panties, her skin bright red from kisses and bites. Keri is speechless as her imagination runs wild thinking about what Dr. Lux had done to/with her while she was in the midst of a ‘phase’! She gathers her clothes, stammering about calling for another appointment… as she rushes out the door, she can’t help wondering why she suddenly feels so aroused.

Some sexy limp play action here, with Keri being on the unconscious side for those of us who just love to see her sleeping. Also what a scenario this is, another one of those stories that wouldn’t have thought of in a million years and it’s awesome. I love how Cadence is able to talk Keri into letting her KO her, even thought is first time Keri didn’t really know what was coming, but she still, barely, went along with it two times after. Those awkward moments, when Keri wakes up, are done so perfectly, I can’t help but laugh a little just over the awkward feeling and yet the smooth talking Dr. Lux is able to get Keri to calm down enough to let her KO her again. I really love watch Keri go out, her eyerolling was excellent each and every time. I love the stripping and the sexy action, Cadence stripping herself down while loving all of and all over Keri. For having no actual nudity, this vid really does an awesome job of being super sexy as well as delivering a very unique story and some quality limp play.

Overall Score: 9/10