Review of The KO Festival

Review of DefeatedThe KO Festival – 25.5 mins

Welcome to the KO festival – The Queen Elizabeth is once again in front of the camera claiming that she is undefeated and the only way anyone can beat her is by cheating, but today she is going to demonstrate her power and why she is the undefeated queen here at Defeated. She’s got quite the challenge ahead of her though, as Nix, Dee and Meryl have all decided to face her at once. After The Queen questions their honor, she wastes no more time, attacking all three ladies with quick strikes. With Dee and Nix out of the picture for the moment, Elizabeth focuses on Meryl, who she easily chokes out cold. All three girls are KO’d in only seconds, this is a bad start for them and it only gets worse. Dee, Nix and Meryl all slowly wake one at time and again get absolutely dominated by The Queen and KO’d again. Elizabeth removes her own top to make things a little more interesting and eventually Meryl’s as well, but none of that changes the outcome as The Queen continues to dominate and teach these girls a lesson in combat. The round robin games continue, one girls wakes up and The Queen easily puts them back down with scissors, belly punches and other submission holds, none of them every really stand a chance. Finally Elizabeth had enough and is bored with beating these girls up. With one last go around she makes sure that everyone is going to be out for the night. She does a victory pose over all three girls one at time and restates that the only why anyone can beat her is by cheating. And that’s why she’s The Queen.

More Defeated reviews coming at you guys and I feel like it’s actually been a long time since our Queen Elizabeth, stood in front of the camera, talked all sorts of trash about being the best and being undefeated and then backing up those words, without out help. Well that is exactly what happens in this properly named KO Festival. This video is simple KO after KO after KO, each girl being nice enough to wake up one at a time to just get clobbered by The Queen again. I actually like how simple this one is, with a lot of girls one screen things can easily get really crazy, but this one keeps it simple and is just a cycle of one on one KOs. Of course Elizabeth is just running her mouth the whole time, talking about how easy they are to beat and how she’s so strong. It’s all really good. And I said, I feel like it’s been I while since Elizabeth just got to be the cocky heel all the way thought and just dominate. As much as I love her as jobber, she’s such a great cocky heel, this is nice to see every now and then. Also speaking of jobbers, Dee, Nix and Meryl are all really good, having three jobber girls with only one of them wake most of the time, means the other two are laid out in the background with Elizabeth works on the one who’s awake. I love that, always great to have limp, sexy bodies just laying all over the place. I also loved that everyone is wearing these sexy school girl like outfits with the miniskirts. Miniskirts are always nice to see and are a welcomed change to bikinis or panties or anything else really. This is a great vid, with the simple idea of just cramming a ton of KOs in to one video and it works great with three great jobbers and one trash talking cocky heel.

Overall Score: 9.5/10