Review of The Invisible Wrestler Strikes Again!

Review of Sumiko DreamsThe Invisible Wrestler Strikes Again! – 12 Mins

Sumiko is feeling frisky and says she wants to make a sexy video. However, the Invisible Wrestler has other plans for poor little unsuspecting Sumiko. He viciously attacks her and leaves her knocked out on the floor. Sumiko doesn’t remember the attacks due to the knockouts messing with her memory and keeps attempting to do what she set out to do only to get shut down by her Invisible foe a total of 5 times before he finally decides he is done playing with her and leaves her helplessly on the mats in a humiliating butt in the air position until they meet again. The invisible wrestler uses the following attacks on Sumiko: belly punches, leg drops to back of neck, stomps, crotch stomp, chokes, knees to body, splashes, stunner

Some new videos have been released at Sumiko’s store recently and As soon as a saw the invisible wrestler is back at it again, I had to grab it. This has to be one of the best series of videos coming from Sumiko, each one taking a different approach from the last. This one is much sexier than all the rest, mainly due to Sumiko’s very tiny thong bikini, that and she was supposed to be shooting as sexy dancing type video before her invisible foe had his with her. This one is a little more about Sumiko showing off her amazing body than showing off her selling skills, so she ends up in a bunch of very sexy positions that give us some breathtaking angles. It’s not just sexy though there are still good action, quality KOs and reactions as Sumiko tosses herself around the room. Even though this wouldn’t be Sumiko’s best performance ever it’s still Sumiko and there is nothing lacking in her selling, we just don’t get as much “face time” as I might have hoped. But I can’t call that a complaint because you can get plenty of Sumiko’s selling at SKW, but nowhere else will you find Sumiko dressed in something so barely there and getting camera angles like this.

Overall Score: 9.9/10