Review of The Invisible toys with Kayla

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Review of Kayla ObeyThe Invisible toys with Kayla – 20 mins

Kayla puts on her high heels, ready for a night out on the town. “It’s going to be nice going out after having to recover from that last fight. Man, that was a bad idea.”  She walks off and is suddenly hit in the head by her invisible nemesis. She’s dazed, tongue out and eyes rolling before falling flat on her face. She tries to pick herself up but is too out of it and passes out, tongue out and eyes still rolling as her limp body twitches. When she comes to she finds herself very confused and without a dress. “What the hell was that? And what happened to my clothes?” She stumbles around looking for them, before she’s hit hard in the crotch. She drops to her knees in pain “What the hell was—” She’s hit in the head and falls down, butt in the air. More eye rolling, twitching, tongue out. Kayla is still , but now her heels have been removed. She struggles to get up, falling a lot. She’s even more dazed now and clutches her head and crotch in pain. “What is going on around here and now where are my shoes? I have to get out of here.” She’s dizzy and in a lot of pain as she stumbles towards the door. She’s pushed from behind and slams in to the door, falling backwards and landing spread eagle on the ground. Out again! She’s now been dressed in a sports bra and yoga shorts, still laid out. When she wakes up she tries to get up, but is too weak. She falls repeatedly back to the ground, with lots of eye rolling. Her attacker has put her sneakers on now. It’s extremely hard for her to get up but she manages to get to her feet, however wobbly. She mumbles as she’s punchdrunk, pointing at her invisible attacker “N-not you again” She’s hit by a quick uppercut to the jaw and falls back. When she awakes, she tries to get up, but her opponent has her pinned. She keeps getting pushed and held down as she struggles. “Let me up. Get off me!” She’s helped to her feet, held up for support as she can’t manage it on her own in her state. A few times she’s allowed to crumble to the floor before being picked up again. She’s held up against the wall, her throat squeezed until she’s out again, twitching violently while being held up at the wall. She falls to the floor and her limp body is ragdolled as her eyes roll and cross and her tongue hangs out. He tries to sit her up but her lifeless body just falls to the floor. She’s left on the floor.

Another one of my customs here, this one being my second Kayla custom and in all reality is pretty much just more of the same thing I had her do in “Kayla Vs The Invisible”, just with a few changes. The most notable change, beside for it being twice as long, is the stripping down and redressing of Kayla throughout a series of KOs and this time Kayla is not ready for her invisible foe, but is instead sneak attacked several times before finally seeing who’s been knocking her out. Of course I asked for all that OTT reactions I love, a little ragdolling and lots of Kayla struggling back to her feet. Kayla is absolutely amazing in this vid, which should be a surprise to no one. She sells everything so good, it really is awesome watching her work, especially having an expectation in your head and watching as she totally nails what you expected or completely surpassing what you had in mind. I love just how great Kayla is at pulling off so many different things on her own and making them look so good. I also love just how exact Kayla follows the script, just like last time she follows the script word for word, nailing the time limit and not missing a detail. This 20 minute vid just flies by, as nothing goes on too long and with all the outfit changes, waking up, struggling back to her feet just to get KO’d again, flows really well. I absolutely love this vid, more than my first one and believe me, I am already thinking of what I’m going to have Kayla do for me next.

Overall Score: 10/10