Review of The Investor

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Investor – 31 mins

Rick, the handsome and debonair owner of FWR, meets Peyton in the ring after one of her workouts. He sits her down and explains that he’s been looking for an investor to buy into FWR and actually signed the contract that day. We’ll let you listen to the dialogue when you view this video but the short story is that Peyton ends up in a “winner keeps her job”, no disqualifications match against Renee. The match is intense with Renee beating down Peyton outside the ring with a headlock, a near pin, and a camel clutch before tossing the brunette into the ring. Renee continues to destroy poor Peyton with legal and illegal moves that include several fake pins. Renee is really enjoying torturing her opponent but lets her guard down with a missed body splash that turns the tables of the match to Peyton’s favor! Peyton doesn’t waste any time and puts Renee in a dragon sleeper and belly punches before tossing the blond out of the ring. Renee is destroyed by Peyton who seems to get stronger with each painful hold. In the end, Peyton manages to toss a weakened Renee all around the ring and finish her with four heavy hitting body splashes. When Renee is finally vanquished, Peyton climbs the ropes in the corner to call out the investor. “Hey, investor! Did you like what you saw?” she yells to the camera. “This is only a start. I’ll run through any wrestler you put in front of me and next time I won’t be so nice!” But Rick steps in and informs Peyton that the investor is actually TWO people and they’re on their way! You’ll need to purchase this video to see who it is. (A sequel is already in production.)  *** Producer’s note: We’ve discounted the price of this video from $30.95 to $20.95 since there are 8 minutes of dialogue and a small sound issue that caused some minor distortion in a few short parts.

This is one of the heavy story driven videos that I’ve seen from FWR. They really take the time so set up and explain the story behind this match and I really enjoyed that. It’s not too often that we get a nice compelling storyline to go with a great fight. Even though it is a very interesting story, like the description says, long story short this ends up being Peyton fighting to say on board at FWR. Renee comes in cocky as can be, acting as the young talent that is her to preplace all of our beloved FWR veterans and she backs it up too, completely dominating Peyton for the slight majority of the video. She had Peyton beat a few times, but was just having too much fun and was too cocky to actually finish her off, which of course leads to her undoing. Renee not only shows us her cocky heel side, but again shows us how great of a jobber she can be too, when Peyton finally gets things going in her favor. Another win/win in my opinion as both Renee and Peyton sell it all very well. In the end Peyton does win and we get back to this storyline and since Rick didn’t spoil what happens here, I won’t either, but if you see that last screenshot of this review, you can see that Peyton gets her mind blow and it’s awesome, I can’t wait to see what happens next. That’s all I’m going to say.

Overall Score: 9.5/10