Review of The Investor: Part Two

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Investor: Part Two – 20 mins

After Peyton fought and defeated Renee to save herself from being fired by a mystery FWR investor (see “The Investor”) she found out that the investor was actually two people … Becca and Kat! This episode features the new investors attacking Peyton in the ring and double teaming her. Poor Peyton is kicked, punched, slammed, thrown, squeezed, and bent by her new bosses. If she loses she gets fired and by the looks of the one-sided double-teaming action Peyton doesn’t stand a chance! But you might be surprised by the will power of our long-haired brunette because she manages to catch Becca off guard not once, but twice! Becca gets so enraged by Peyton and beats on her so violently that she even scares Kat into running to get the FWR producer! Don’t miss this fast paced, action packed series!!

Peyton again proves to be a bit superhuman in this video, as she not only survives a massive two one beat down, but also one shots Becca for a KO and wins the match in the end. I do love that even thought Peyton did come out on top, most of this is Becca and Kat beating the daylights out of Peyton. Not only do they beat her down together, but then they also beat her up separately deciding to take her on as tag team instead of all together. As much as I love seeing Peyton win, it’s also really great watching her lose and she really got ran through the wringing in this one. She doesn’t get KO’d but does go through a lot of suffering and a few pins too. But as I said, Peyton proves herself again to be super human, as Kat tries to convince Becca that Peyton’s had enough Peyton makes it back to her feet and flattens Becca as she turns back around from arguing with Kat. Peyton gets the pin and the win on the out cold Becca, while Kat’s away getting our glorious FWR producer. Peyton doesn’t hang around once Kat gets back, but she makes sure to brag to the camera on her way out. I think this was a great two part videos with a cool and interesting story and lots of great action. I wonder if there could be more to this story, maybe Peyton trying to over throw the powers that be or something like that. Who knows, but more superhuman Peyton is something I’d like to see.

Overall Score: 9/10