Review of The Interrogation Room

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Interrogation Room – 12

Jackie is our newest fem and we put together a fun little story for her introduction. Persephone plays the sexy cop who has been given permission to work over the small thief, Jackie. After handcuffing Jackie to the ropes, Persephone tries to get her to talk but ends up knocking her out with punches. Persephone shoves the girl into the ring, strips down to her fighting bikini, and proceeds to beat Jackie up in the ring with a body splash, snap mare, body scissors, leg nelson, and Boston crab. But Jackie suddenly comes to life and escapes to DESTROY a stunned Persephone with head smashes to the mat, a snap mare, two head scissors, and a nice punchout! Poor Persephone is pounded all around the ring by Jackie’s fists until she’s finally knocked out by a hard uppercut. In the end, Persephone lays unconscious with her wrists cuffed to the mat as Jackie finally confesses and leaves. You’ll LOVE our newest fem, Jackie Jupiter!

It’s always great to see new faces coming to FWR and this time is no different as we welcome Jackie Jupiter to the FWR roster. And as I have come to expect Rick has given us another great clip to introduce his newest Fem. Right off the bat I love this vid for two reasons, one being that we get to see Persephone in their famous sexy cop outfit and two, Persephone loses in the end, so right away a win/win for me. But also this video has a nice storyline with Persephone interrogating Jackie about some robbery, Jackie playing all sweet and innocent, that somehow turns into a wrestling match where Jackie gains the upper hand and beats Persephone, leaving Persephone KO’d and handcuffed to the ropes where Jackie then reveals it was her that committed the crime after all. It’s a nice story that works well and Jackie and Persephone act and perform excellently. The tiny ladies are always quick to spark my interest and I think Jackie is even smaller than Persephone, not by much of course because Persephone is already a tiny girl, there’s not much left to go tinier, but Persephone did have those big sexy heels on and they never really stood next to each other afterwards, so who knows. Nonetheless, I’ll definitely be looking out for more Jackie vids in the near future.

Overall score: 9/10