Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE HUMILIATED ASSASSIN – 33 mins

We fade in on Agent Sumiko, she’s shows off a syringe filled with some kind of poison, explaining that she plans to use on her rival agent, Eden.  We fade in on Eden in her lair as Sumiko sneaks in, unfortunately for Sumiko, Eden hears her trying to sneak up and catches her in the act. After a brief moment of small talk, Sumiko gets to the real reason why she’s there, attacking Eden with the syringe. Eden stops Sumiko, overpowers her and takes the syringe. Eden is obviously upset that Sumiko came here trying to take her out, so Eden decides that she is going teach Sumiko a very brutal lesson. This begins one of the most one sided and over the top beatdowns SKW has ever seen. Sumiko begs for mercy in the early stages, but later is basically a ragdoll and can’t. Either way Eden shows Sumiko no mercy as completely dominates the would be assassin, leaving Sumiko out cold, twitching and drooling, with her eyes rolled back and her tongue protruding, over and over again.Eventually, Eden feels like Sumiko has learned her lesson, but she’s not about to let Sumiko go. She got to take Sumiko out for good. Eden uses the syringe Sumiko brought and a knife, using both to make sure Sumiko is finished off. Eden still adds a neck snap as insurance. Eden poses over the body of her enemy, before leaving Sumiko spread eagled and still twitching.

It almost hurts me to say this, not having anything to do with this video, but this is absolutely one of the most OTT videos SKW has ever done. I take great pride in making super OTT customs and I still believe videos like Kayla Obey’s ragdoll (BABYFACE RAGDOLL 22), 3 vs Tiny (THE DAY THE JOBBERS STAYED STILL), or any of my Sparrow vids () are more ridiculous than this one, but nonetheless I have to give credit where it is rightfully due. Sumiko puts out the most OTT performance she has ever done, without question. From the very first KO OTT reactions are pouring out of Sumiko and they never stop. I love that Eden sometimes takes the time to just watch Sumiko while she’s twitching like crazy on the floor. There’s also a great mix of moves, some pro style, some submission holds, some just for humiliation, and then just some punching and stomps for good measure. On top of all the, Sumiko is wearing boots and knee pads and that for me is the true icing on the cake. Sumiko has done some really OTT videos before, but nothing quite this ridiculous and none did she have on boots and knee pads. This without any shadow of a doubt is the best SKW video, that I did not help create.

Overall score: 11/10