Review of The Gate Keeper!

Review of Modest Moms Wrestling The Gate Keeper! – 9 mins

Jackson Fox visits the MMW ring! Like so many other women, she is convinced she will be the first outsider to best Athena Law in her own ring and defeat the ruthless striker! However, she falls VERY short! Being absolutely outclassed and brutalized by the MMW bad girl. Slams, eye gouges, hair pulling, leg locks, choke holds, painful stretches and horrific bends reduce Jackson to yet another pile of jobber puddled at Athena’s feet. Who will be the first outsider to defeat Athena Law!?

Got another Jackson squash match from Modest Moms Wrestling. I am totally still a huge fan of watching Jackson getting crushed in a wrestling match. This one does end with a submission tap out, instead of a big KO and pin, but I guess I can’t win them all. It was still a great squash before that though Athena totally runs Jackson through the wringer and Jackson was completely helpless to do anything to stop her. The moves used were pretty well mixed, with some submissions, plenty of bouncing Jackson’s skull off the turnbuckles and X-factor, as well some other stuff. The one piece suits look great on both girls and both Jackson and Athena nailed their roles in a dominate heel vs helpless jobber match. Even though the match did end in a submission Jackson did lay flat and still for the victory pose, but the camera paid more attention to Athena’s exit than they did to the poor jobber laid out the ring. In fact, never even coming back to look at Jackson after the victory pose. Also, I assume this is one of their older vids, with the long intro and background music. MMW seems to be moving away from those thing so I’ll stifle my complaints on that, this time. Overall, I am all in for Jackson squashes, but I actually wouldn’t be against her winning too. Of course what I’m really waiting for is an OTT squash with Jackson. That is something I don’t really thing happened in SKW when she was there, at least not on film, to my recollection. So MMW, it’s your responsibility to make that happen!

Overall Score: 8.5/10