Review of The Fight for Employment

Review of DefeatedThe Fight for Employment – 26 mins

Talia and Valerie are both dressed up in their office clothes getting ready for an interview when Valerie decides to mouth off at Talia about her not getting the job. Talia, of course, talks trash back and before you know it both ladies are stripping out or there office clothes, down to sexy bikinis to settle is disagreement like women. Valerie takes control right away locking on several submission holds, Camel clutch, cross face, figure four head scissors, sleeper hold, hand over mouth smother and two handed throat choke. But of course, Talia isn’t going down without a fight. She’s able to power out, tossing Valerie off of her and take control of the fight. Talia now puts Valerie in a number of submission holds of her own, A side head scissors arm bar combo, Camel clutch, figure four head scissors, cross face, sleeper hold, she removes Valerie’s top to pinch and pull on her nipples and then continues to dominate with a dragon sleeper, a side headlock, a guillotine choke, and a final hand over mouth smother that puts Valerie down and out. Talia takes a few moments to play with Valerie’s nipples some more, while mocking her, before folding her up for a ten count pin and taking her victory pose. I guess we know who’s getting the job now.

More Defeated action coming at you guys and this one definitely calms things down a bit, no super over the top selling, or crazy intense video editing, but just a good ol’ fashioned wrestling match between two beautiful women. As I’ve said in the past, as much as I love all the crazy over the top madness we’ve been getting from Defeated, it is good to see them still release something more civilized. Now, I have become quite a fan of Talia’s after that awesome exhaustion video “Too Tired to Go On”, so her name and knowing the she loses any amount in a video peaks my interest. I do find it a bit of a tease when these girl show up in sexy office clothes with heels and everything, but strip it all off before they even begin to fight. I would love the see them fight in the dresses, with the heels and lose the clothing and the shoes along the way. That would really add some extra sexiness for me. Also, on the subject of clothing, as much as I like bikinis, I am a bit tired of seeing Valerie in the same bikini 90% of the time. There’s nothing wrong with her green bikini, she looks great in it, I just see it too much and would like something different more often. Anyway, I spent most of this review talking about clothing and other videos, l probably should at least mention some of the action in this one. As I mentioned Talia loses for about half this video. I think she is a really great seller and it’s a bit of a shame that she won and a bit of a shame she’s not around Defeated more often so that we could really get to see her regularly. I think that exhaustion video was just the beginning of how great this gal can be.  Valerie is no push over, no matter how much I talk about Talia. Valerie does a great job here, both winning and losing and is only wearing half of that green bikini by the end of this one as Talia takes her top off for some extra humiliation before the final KO. And we do get a little bit for drooling and twitching for that final KO too. Nothing crazy, but just a little over the top tease. Overall, it’s a nice video, both girls look good, sell good, perform the moves pretty good. A nice little break from the over the top craziness that I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of very soon.

Overall Score: 8.5/10