Review of The Eliminators

Review of Velvets FantasiesThe Eliminators – 22 mins

galasTwo spies. One flash-drive chock full of sensitive and top secret information. It’s a scenario you’ve all seen before, only this time you have spies played by the stunning Jacquelyn Velvets and Galas.  Clad in black leather pants and sexy tops/gloves, these trained assassins go back and forth in several unrelated scenarios… each one ending with an effective and lethal attack!  In the end, we get to witness TWO endings… with both agents taking turns winning the day… and paying the ultimate price for daring to challenger her DEADLIEST foe! No matter who loses, we ALL win.

Another spies/clone demise clip by Velvets Fantasies brought to you by request. This one stars more personal favorites of mine, Galas and Miss Velvets herself, this one isn’t all about shooting, but has some neck snaps and drugging deaths too. Each death has a little bit of twitching, which you guys know I love and of course the death stare thing that I also love. The ladies take turns take each other down, once they’ve done that, there’s some groping and kissing before moving on to the next scene. There’s also a little limp play here too. The black outfits and heels are very sexy and look amazing on both Jacquelyn and Galas. This is a great spy clip, very sexy and well done, fans of these kind of vids will definitely enjoy this one.

Overall Score: 9.5/10