Review of The Eliminators 3

Review of Velvets FantasiesThe Eliminators 3 – 25 Mins

sinnTwo bad-ass spies in black wet-look attire (Jacquelyn Velvets and Sinn Sage). Multiple attacks, betrayals, finishers, and twist-endings. In this amazing custom production, both beautiful agents take turns winning and losing via a myriad of unrelated segments that end in one spy’s demise… and the other standing victoriously over her fallen foe. There’s even some instances where BOTH sexy bodies lay twitching on the ground, thus covering any and every angle that could possibly be tackled in this hot and deadly mashup! A final POV gunshot seals the deal for Agent Velvets after she betrays the doomed Miss Sage… leaving us to fade out on not one but two defeated assassins!

A review of another death dealing, spy vs spy video brought to you by request. This one being my favorite of this series, mainly because it stars Sinn Sage, who is one of the first ladies to make my now quite lengthy favorites list. This vid follows the trend of the series, with some fun short stories, some betrayal or trickery, a death via various techniques, some twitching, then some groping and kissing and of course those sexy black outfits. I love some of the tricks they play on each other in this one, playing dead, or setting a trap on a flash drive, makes for some very fun scenes. Which all the scenes are performed and executed excellently, of course. And the spy outfits look amazing one both Sinn and Jacquelyn, which also doesn’t need to be said. So much like the other one I reviewed, if you a fan of this genre, than you’ll love this one, no question.

Overall Score: 9.5/10