Review of The Diabolic Glove

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Review of Sumiko DreamsThe Diabolic Glove – 15 mins

Sumiko is at home for the night and she’s wearing some sexy black lingerie. She walks into the room holding a shiny, red box that was left on her doorstep. Sumiko can’t find a name on it and has no clue who it’s from but that doesn’t hamper her excitement and she proceeds to open it up. She rummages through it and pulls out a shiny, black glove. She thinks it’s odd that there’s only one glove but she decides to try it on anyway. When she tries to take the glove off she find that she can’t pull it off and it only gets worse from there. The gloved hand beats her other arm useless and then proceeds to put a brutal beatdown on poor Sumiko! Sumiko begs and pleads for the evil glove to leave her alone but it has its own devious plans. The beating finally ends with Sumiko being thrown over the back of the couch and knocked out. Who knows what the diabolic glove will do to Sumiko next!?

Every now and then I pop into Sumiko store because there might be some random updates with some good videos and last time prove true, as I grabbed a few new videos from there. This one has an evil glove beats the crap out of Sumiko. It’s a really fun idea and it’s packed with all the great Sumiko selling we’ve grown to know and love. The diabolical glove drags Sumiko all over the place with belly punches, low blow, uppercuts and even wedgies. Aside from Sumiko’s top notch selling, the other thing that makes this one really great is the super sexy outfit Sumiko has on. The positions she ends up in are very sexy, really putting her sexy lingerie to good use. A few of the situations take a little too long to move on, like the wedgies section and the over the couch situation, but overall it was very entertaining and even ends with a KO. I think the invisible opponent matches are still the best thing I’ve seen from Sumiko Dreams, but this is a clear and obvious second place.

Overall Score: 9.5/10