Review of The Conversion

Review of Velvets FantasiesThe Conversion – 17 Mins

SumikoWe fade in on Detective Sumiko unconscious and tied to a pipe in an underground chamber. A voice rings out as she slowly regains consciousness. Having been kidnapped and tortured by members of an evil cult, the drowsy detective is asked if she is ready for her conversion. She defies the voice, only to gasp as a woman clad in black (Jacquelyn Velvets) emerges. She places a chloroform-soaked rag over Sumiko’s mouth and nose, putting her back to sleep and carrying her away. We fade in on the lovely Japanese girl tied up and spread eagle on a ceremonial table. Candles lay by her legs as she slowly regains consciousness. She is asked once again if she is ready to join the cult but once again screams an angry “NEVER”. The lady in black emerges again, and what follows is an intense torture session… one that involves multiple knockouts, a pain-enhancing body oil, and even pressure point holds that slowly drain Sumiko of her will… until she finally whispers her submission to the cult’s overlord. Now completely unconscious, Sumiko is gently carried away by the woman in black, as the leader’s voice cackles throughout the room.

Note: this clip is the unofficial sequel to SKW’s “SUMIKO vs THE UNDERGOUND 4

This really only gets me more excited for the next Sumiko vs The Underground installment, because it looks like this time Sumiko is going to be the minion and who knows who her first victim will be or how well she will do. As for this video, it is definitely something new and different, with the main form of attack being this pain inducing body oil. Which is really nice for a few reasons, one being that it makes Sumiko all shiny, and I know everyone loves a shiny Sumiko. Next is it make Sumiko really sensitive to pain, so we get lots of great pain filled Sumiko selling as well as a lot of twitching and even a little drooling before this torture session is done. Normally a would complain about Sumiko being tied to the table for 80% of the video, but it actually works pretty good here, with Sumiko squirming about most of the time and Jackie eerily and silently administering the oil and the punishment while SK does the narration, they all work together swimmingly and it is quite a show. Can’t wait for that next Underground episode.

Overall Score: 9.5/10