Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE COMPLETE BELLY DESTRUCTION OF ANNE-MARIE – 41 mins

Part one:  THE MACHINE vs agent ANNE!  Clip length: 12 min There are not many people the SKW fans like seeing take a beatdown more than ANNE MARIE and in this collection our favorite blond takes a belly destruction of EPIC proportion that has to be seen to be believed!!! In our first clip, we open on Agent Anne Marie already at the mercy of THE MACHINE after trying to capture the dastardly villain.  The Machine takes gleeful delight in brutalizing Anne Marie with belly punch after belly punch all over the mat room.  His strikes are so intense that he twice even knocks her unconscious (once with a prolonged drilling body shot and again with a massive hook to the face) and parades her around the room in over the shoulder fireman carries. Agent Anne Marie is helpless to stop the Machine from delivering a final devastating Double Axe Handle to her belly that jackknifes her limp body, crushing all the air and even a humiliating bit of drool from her and knocking her unconscious (an incredible scene that is also caught in Instant Replay!). YOUR WINNER: THE MACHINE!!! Part two:  TINY and SK vs Anne-Marie!  Clip length: 30 min Our second clip starts with poor Anne Marie (looking fabulous in a red white and blue bikini) in the midst of being matchbook pinned by SLEEPERKID as TINY walks in on them.  The giant laughs at Anne Marie’s defeat but is a little shocked when Sleeperkid tells him that he defeated her just using punches and not any power moves like slams.  The conversation gets a bit heated as each man feels they have the best means of destruction but like the gentlemen they are, the two come up with a compromise.  A friendly competition using only strikes to see who is superior! But there still has to be a judge! Sleeperkid wakes up Anne Marie and lets her know the plan and that SHE will have the pleasure of determining the winner.  Understandably the blonde beauty is terrified at the idea and refuses.  The two heels show some mercy and let her walk away…….for all of five feet before Sleeperkid locks her in a full nelson and the competition is ON!!!  Anne Marie is subjected to a horrifying series of challenges where a position is picked and each heel gets to provide 10 body shots to her while the other holds her with the brutalized blonde then having to pick who did it better. The two heels end up splitting points (with the poor judge often taking a KO shot from the angered heel who DIDN’T get the point) until Anne Marie can’t even pick a winner and points at both men.  Rather than be angry, Sleeperkid and Tiny agree on a draw but decide to a final double team belly punching series up against the wall that puts the Star Spangled Jobber mercifully out for the night. Fans of Belly Destruction, Male Dom, and Anne Marie, you HAVE to see this match up! YOUR WINNERS: SLEEPERKID AND TINY!!!

I am normally not a big fan of belly punching videos, most of them get really repetitive, really quickly, because how many ways can you really punch someone in the belly? That’s how I normally feel, but then I grabbed this video solely because of Anne-Marie, she one of the best, if not the best jobber in the business and I find her videos really hard to pass on, because somehow, some way, Anne will make it exciting and I am proud to say that she’s done it again, in fact she’s does it twice in this “two beatdowns for the price of one” special. The first match is the real surprise, I give these belly punching matches a chance all the time and the only really stand out performance, in my opinion, was Luna by herself and the one she did with Anne. However this one seemed to move at a better pace, had some big face punch KOs and huge belly punches on the mats that had Anne selling it like she took a body splash from Tiny, in the end I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. And speaking of Tiny, the second video I expected to be fun, but it was actually much better than I expected. Of course I expected Tiny and SK to banter back and forth, providing me with some good laughs, but they actually had me cracking up from the very beginning, especially with Tiny trying to figure out how SK beat Anne with just belly attacks, then Anne, who was already beaten by SK just a moment ago is now subject to be the judge on who hits harder. What follows is a tag team belly beatdown on poor Anne who also gets KO’d in magnificent ways throughout the video as well. Anne does pick a winner each round, but is you ask me, there’s no way she even knew who she was pointing at half the time, because somehow SK won half the rounds. Either way, the three of them put on a spectacle for all to see. This is why I put so much faith in Anne-Marie, when she stars in something I would normally pass on reviewing, it instead moves right to the top of my list, because she is just that damn good.

Overall Score: 9.9/10