Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE COMPLETE BELLY DESTRUCTION OF AGENT EDEN – 20 mins

Once again, the Machine completely destroys a lovely agent sent to take him down!This time it’s the beautiful Eden who gets broken down with a barrage of uppercuts to the belly, repeatedly delivered by the masked maniac himself.  The room fills with grunts and groans of pain as the agent’s belly is pounded into oblivion.  A few face punches make their way into the carnage, as well as some over the shoulder carries, but in the end it’s non-stop belly attacks that claim Eden’s consciousness as the evildoer finisher her off with a final “spit take” solar plexus blow, leaving her nearly lifeless on the ground as he makes his escape!!!

I’m not the biggest belly punching fan, at least not when it’s a video that is almost entirely belly punching, but I am loving Eden and this one does have a few power moves near end and a big spit take at the very end. I have watched most of the vids from the series and I think it’s pretty easy to say that ones with Luna has been the best of them all. Well, I think it’s just as safe to say that Eden has earned herself a safe second place. I feel that she makes great reactions to all the belly punches, good grunts and groans, lots of half consciousness and eyerolling and she looks amazing in that suit. As I mentioned there are a few power moves and a big spit take at the end, this is easily the highlight of the video for me, a few piledrivers leave Eden twitching wildly on the mats, but The Machine isn’t done, a few more belly punches cause a big spit take from Eden that finally KOs her for good, with a few added punches on the mats to make sure she’s out. I wouldn’t mind a few more power moves mixed in with the belly punching, that would help me personally enjoy this more, but Eden is still an outstanding talent and I love watching everything she’s done so far.

Overall Score: 8.5/10