Review of Sensually SavageTHE CLONE TRIALS – 16 mins

Clones Eden and Kayla square off in this fantasy scenario, each wearing skimpy black thongs and bras. After sizing each other up, the clones ready for combat. Kayla takes the initiative, lunging at Eden with a swing to the head, but Eden blocks her and fires a fist into Kayla’s exposed belly over and over. As Kayla flails helplessly, Eden lines up and delivers a brutal kick between her thighs, low blowing her over and over before Kayla drops to her knees. Swooping in behind her, Eden wraps her up in a sleeper hold, cinching it tightly as Kayla struggles for breath, before wrenching her head brutally to the side and snapping her neck. Kayla drops down chest first to the floor, her butt high in the air, vulnerable to Eden’s second neck snap that leaves her twitching and spasming before going still, allowing Eden to plant a foot on her upturned ass, posing for the victory win. In round two, Eden steps in with a kick for Kayla’s chest, but Kayla grabs her leg and delivers a series of brutal low blows to Eden’s exposed groin, making her drop to the floor. Mercilessly, Kayla continues the assault on Eden’s privates, sending g fist after fist into the tender are before Eden’s eyes cross and she folds over, her ass high in the air. Not satisfied yet, Kayla delivers kick after kick to Eden’s outthrust privates, making her eyes cross as she grunts and groans from the assault. Kayla then yanks Eden up to a sitting position, wrapping her into a crushing sleeper hold that makes Eden’s eyes cross and flutter as she gasps desperately for breath. At last Eden’s eyes flutter close, and Kayla grabs her by the chin, snapping her neck around mercilessly, making Eden drop to the mat, twitching and spasming until another neck snap makes her grunt and go still, allowing Kayla to plant her foot on Eden’s back for a victory pose. In round three Eden catches Kayla with a wild haymaker, spinning her opponent in place. Pressing the advantage, Eden fires kick after kick between Kayla’s legs, assaulting her tenderest area with low blow after low blow as Kayla can only grunt and shudder helplessly. Over and over Eden’s foot finds its tender target before she spins Kayla around, using her groin like a speed bag, making Kayla’s eyes cross as her tongue rolls out of her mouth. With one last brutal uppercut between Kayla’s legs, Eden grabs her with a head lock, dragging her to her knees before twisting her neck around with a horrific crack, sending Kayla to the floor, her butt raised high in the air. Planting her foot on Kayla’s neck, Eden takes a victory pose. In round four, Eden swings with a wild haymaker, but Kayla ducks, sliding in behind Eden and wrapping her into a tight bearhug, making her gasp and writhe. Stunned, Eden is ripe for Kayla’s revenge as she steps back to deliver kick after kick between Eden’s spread legs, punishing her privates until Eden can’t stand, dropping to the mat. Unrelenting Kayla isn’t done yet, grabbing Eden’s ankles and spreading her legs wide for a crushing set of stomps to her poor groin, battering her over and over before grinding her heel in. Kayla grabs the almost comatose Eden, hauling her up for an inverted atomic drop, making Eden’s eyes flutter and roll from the pain, before grabbing her hair and wrenching her head around, brutally snapping her neck. Eden crashes to the mat, spasming with her ass high in the air before Kayla grabs her head once again, cracking her neck with another twist. Planting her foot on Eden’s upturned butt, Kayla strikes a victory posed. In round five, a knife lies between the girls. They both lunge for it at the same time, wrestling with each other to claim it. Kayla manages to use her weight to sink it into Eden’s neck, but this just angers Eden, who fires uppercut after uppercut between Kayla’s thighs, low blowing her over and over until Kayla can only slump backwards, stunned and writhing, but the assault doesn’t let up as Eden vengefully brutalizes her privates, punching them over and over until Kayla is completely unresponsive. Not finished yet, Eden rolls her onto her chest, propping her ass high and legs spread, then delivers a series of kicks between her legs, punishing her tender groin even more. At last she hauls Kayla up to her knees, threatening her with the knife as Kayla whimpers and begs, then plunges the knife deep into her belly. Kayla sputters and gasps as Eden twists the blade further and further, finally collapsing to her back, almost out. As a final insult Eden plunges the knife between her legs, making Kayla beg to be finished off. Eden obliges, hauling her up against the couch, and then plunging the knife deep into her neck, making Kayla’s eyes cross as the tongue flops out. At last Kayla sinks back, going completely still, as Eden plants a foot on her shoulder, trash talking as she smugly strikes a victory pose.

As per usual, when SSP puts out a video that is much more savage and not very sensual, I am all over it. Not to mention this one stars Kayla Obey, which is an automatic purchase, it also stars Eden, which pretty much is another automatic purchase, as well. So just off of those details this video was off to a great start. As I mentioned this one isn’t sensual at all, but all about brutality, mostly delivered by low blows. Kayla takes the majority of the beatings and of course sells it excellently. There’s plenty of OTT reactions, including plenty of twitching. Eden, not to be out done also delivers beautiful reactions when it’s her turn to take the fall. I also want to hand it to Saya for coming up with some great angles and brutal ways to show cunt punts and uppercunts, like kicks to the crotch while the victim is in the Darri-air position and whatever you would call a speedbag facial when delivering low blows instead of face punches. If that wasn’t enough, Kayla gets stabbed in the vagina before this one is said and done. I think that this is the kind of cunt busting video that can be enjoyed by more than just fans of the genre. It’s all done in such a fun way, it’s hard not to be entertained by such a video.

Overall Score: 9.9/10