Review of The Chaos Element

Review of Next Global CrisisThe Chaos Element – Season 3 / Side Mission 7 – 11 Mins

NGC 7It’s heroine vs. heroine as team-mates Comet Girl and Virtue turn on one another thanks to a potent hallucinatory gas. The friends punch, kick, choke, crush and KO each other, oblivious to reality. Will it wear off before one superheroine kills another?

This one picks up directly from where side mission 6 left off. It only takes a few seconds to find out what the spray did Virtue. She thinks that Comet Girl is one of the Darkheart members she was just fighting before. We see the Darkhearts captain take the place of Comet Girl a number of times as we see what Virtue is seeing. Comet Girl ends up getting sprayed in the face too, as the bottle is conveniently dropped in the middle of the room and that’s when the battle really gets going. With both girls convinced they are fighting Darkhearts, they try hard to take each other out. It’s a great back and forth battle, but Comet Girl gets the best of Virtue. I love Comet Girl’s victory dance here, I laugh every time.  When Virtue wakes up, the drug has worn off, but Comet Girl is still under its power. This time Virtue KOs Comet girl and that clears her mind of the drugs. When she wakes up Virtue first makes sure the drugs have worn off, then explains what happened and they walk off, happily ever after. Now, of course there’s an alt ending, where Virtue is seeing clearly, but Comet Girls is not and Comet Girl again bests Virtue, choking her out with her own cape, but as she’s choking Virtue, the drug wears off, she sees what she has done to Virtue and runs off to get help. As per usual, I liked the alt ending better, just for defeated heroine sake. Overall though, this is another great job by NGC, spotless acting, great fight scenes, great selling and of course great writing. We don’t get to see heroine vs heroine too much on this side of NGC championship, so that’s definitely a plus. I think this spray is another great tool that can be used in seeming exciting ways, causing the heroines tear each other apart or maybe even make a Darkheart look like one of the good guys and letting them in on some secrets or something. Either way would be very cool, especially done by the NGC writers.

Overall Score: 9/10