Review of The Chain

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Review of Kayla ObeyThe Chain – 13 mins

Kayla is a super villain with no conscience. She’s left a trail of broken lives in her wake. She’s been in custody before but only briefly, time and time again she’s escaped justice, using her perfect body to avoid paying for her crimes by seducing cops, prison guards, judges. No man has been able to resist her. She’s now been defeated in an epic battle and her captor has decided he can’t risk putting her into the system only to see it happen all over again. Not this time. But he’s conflicted. The woman laying in front of him is incredibly beautiful, so vulnerable, but he can’t allow that to influence him. He knows who she is and what she’s done. If he lets her go, innocent lives will be at stake. He’s made up his mind, she will never leave this room. Kayla collapses into the wall, panting and exhausted. Her black catsuit has been unzipped most of the way down. There’s a lot of skin showing. “Okay…you win. I…I surrender. But you know you’ll never really beat me. It’s only a matter of time, I WILL be free again. You know it’s true.” She sees you coming and looks nervous “What is that thing? What are you doing? Wait!” She puts up her hands to protect herself but it’s no use, it goes black. Kayla is laying on the floor near a large mirror when she comes to. She’s naked, her catsuit now missing. She’s only wearing a pair of knee high boots and a thin gold belly chain worn very low around her hips. She groggily comes to and sits halfway up…her deep breaths draw her belly in. “W-where am I? Where are my clothes?” She sees the belly chain. Who placed it around her hips? She suddenly notices you watching over her, her captor. “Where have you taken me? Why aren’t I in police headquarters? I- I surrendered.” Her breathing is starting to get heavier. She’s been many things, but never scared. Something feels wrong about this and she can sense it. “What is this place? What are you going to do to me?” You’re not giving her any answers so she turns to what always worked for her in the past: seduction. “Did you want to be alone with me so we could…work something out? Just between us? We don’t need the police. I have money. And there’s…other things I can give you.” She spreads her legs a bit. “Don’t pretend you don’t want this. Why else would you have brought me here? Why else would I be naked?” She pulls herself up onto her knees. “Does it make you feel powerful knowing you’ve defeated me? Knowing you’re in control? I can see your dick getting hard. That’s okay. No man can resist this.” She barely notices but her breathing is getting heavier. “You keep staring at my belly. Do you like it? That’s cool, I like my belly too.” She starts rolling her belly seductively. “Like this? Look how sexy it is, I think I’m getting wet.” She continues to grind and roll her belly. “Could you…turn down the heat? It’s getting hot in here..”  Her belly and breasts are glistening in sweat as she continues to grind. “Pull it out. I can see how hard it is. I know you want me. I’ll make you cum so hard.” She gently spreads her pussy lips. But the way he is staring is unsettling. Something is wrong here. “Why are you just looking at me like that? You’re scaring me, OK? I…I surrendered. Just take me to the police. I don’t want to be here anymore.” And then it hits her, a sharp deep pain around her navel. “Agh!” She cries out as her belly jerks inwards and she falls backwards into the wall. “Oh my god!” It happens again. “My belly! What’s…what’s happening to me?” It happens again and she is visibly more scared now. “What have you done?” Her face begins to show her confusion and panic as she is told. “The belly chain, I don’t understand? Toxic? That’s not funny. Please, you’re scaring me.” She struggles with the chain, pulling it down towards her pussy. But it’s no use, it’s unbreakable. “I…I can’t get it off! Oh god, please, no!” She continues to struggle with the chain, grasping it and pulling, sucking in her belly deeply. Sweat drips down from between her breasts and navel. “Please, this is insane! You can’t do this! Tell me what you want. I know you think I’m evil, but I’m not a villain now. I’m just a slut, a slut who will do anything to save herself! Please. You can fuck me. Do anything to me…just help me!” The pain strikes again as her fear mounts. “Oh god, it feels like you’re fucking me in my belly. Slowly pushing it in and pulling it out. Oh. It hurts!” She looks up helplessly. “Please…I’m scared.” Then, for the first time, she notices the mirror. She turns to kneel in front of it. “The mirror…you want me to watch. Want me to see my perfect body..writhing in pain. No! This can’t be happening. I’m too young. Too beautiful.” She looks over her shoulder “Please, it’s not too late..if you do this…you’re no better than me! You can still save me!” She clutches one breast as her belly sucks in deeply and she writhes in pain. “My heart…it’s pounding so hard. Only you can save me. Please, I’m begging you. I’m only 19…I was a cheerleader. Look at this body.” She arches her back and gasps for air as her captor watches coldly. “Oh, it hurts. Please, I can’t take much more! It’s…getting hard….to breathe. The toxic…I can feel it…spreading to my heart. Help me!” She falls backwards, her back arching, rivulets of sweat running down her belly as it sucks in and her breasts thrust outwards. “Please, don’t let this happen!” She pleads. But finally, after one last big arch, Kayla slowly exhales. Her head turns to the side as she stares into nothing. Is it justice?

A little something slightly off to the side of my particular interest, but this one was just too damn sexy to pass up and there is a KO and Kayla does meet her demise in the end, so close enough, right. Right off that bat, again I am left wishing there as more action with Kayla in this zipped down body suit. I know I complain about body suits all the time, but with it zipped down exposing all that skin, that’s just sexy as hell. So, I hope we get something big with Kayla and that zipped down body suit one day. I can’t complain too much though, as that body suit is replaced with… absolutely nothing and she gets to keep the high heel boots on too! You just can’t get better than that, or maybe you can, as Kayla fails to seduce you, the chain around her waist begins take its toll on Kayla and she perspires. So now we have naked Kayla, wearing nothing but boots, shined up nice and wiggling her body around trying to turn you on, which works pretty well by the way. Then she starts expecting belly pain and is informed that it’s because of the chain around her waist. So now she’s trying to remove that, while fighting the pain, while sweating up as a storm. It’s quite a cruel, but so lovely scene. Of course, she can’t get the chain off, starts to die, falls over, does some awesome back arching and then… nothing, dead still, eyes open, the end of spy Kayla again. Even though this wasn’t a gun down Kayla, or a beat up Kayla, or one of those vids I normally go for, this video gave enough of the stuff I like to see, with a lot of Kayla being sexy, in a bad situation and it ended up being a great thing watch. Just another example why I feel that Kayla is the best, not one of the best, THE BEST, solo performer/producer that we have right now, period. No one else can do perform and produce this wide of a variety of fetishes, at this quality of performance and production, on their own like she can.

Overall Score: 9/10