Review of The Brutal End

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Review of Kayla ObeyThe Brutal End – 10 mins

It’s time for spy Kayla to meet her end. However, she is genetically enhanced to take far more punishment than any normal human, and the hired man (POV) is a sadist. When asked if she has any last words, she just smiles and stares seductively at him. She slips her hands into her shorts and begins to pleasure herself all while she stares him down. She is suddenly hit in the abdomen (g** sound effects). She moans and groans feeling both pain and pleasure as she clutches her wound. But she stays on her feet and manages to straighten up and continues pleasuring herself. She is hit in the abdomen again but still stands her ground. She looks up and smiles. “Is that all you’ve got?” She’s hit two more, then a third and fourth time in the abdomen. Finally, she drops to her knees but continues to play with herself. She gets hit twice in the chest and falls to the floor, her ass in the air. Slowly, she gets back up and leans against the wall, it’s getting harder for her to breathe. She’s hit a few more times in the chest and stomach, and even though she’s losing strength she keeps playing with herself. She turns her back and gets hit more times, each time in the back. When she turns around her eyes are dazed, staring off. After getting hit even more she slides down the wall, collapsing to the floor. After awhile of suffering on the floor, she pulls herself back up, miraculously. After getting hit a few more times, she slips her hand from her shorts and lifts her hand to her mouth, to taste herself. She gets hit in the croth and doubles over in agony. She can’t stand it and writhes on the floor in both overwhelming pain and pleasure. She gets up, one final time. But it’s time to end things. She gets one in the head. Somehow her body is still standing. Her eyes are gone as she takes a few mindless steps, getting hit again in the head. And again before her limp form drops down to her knees. He’s not finished with her yet and hits her a few more times and then pummels her limp form on the floor.  No matter how enhanced, Kayla couldn’t take this one.

Got another fan favorite “gun down Kayla” type video for you guys, but first, can I just quickly talk about the amazing physical condition Kayla is in right now? Her body is a freaking wonderland right now, looking better than ever, in my opinion and this kick ass outfit really just looks outstanding on her, a truly great outfit choice. So, props to you Kayla for just looking like pure fire right now. Ok with that off my chest let’s get into this video. This one is definitely a little different in a sexy and creative way. So this time we have a super human, “enhanced” Kayla spy who can take a lot of damage before she’s done and maybe that power is sexually driven, as super human Kayla has got her hand stuffed in her shorts almost the whole time. The whole masturbating for me ended up being a like a sick joke Kayla was playing on her hit man, literally saying “is that the best you got” while doing it. So it was like her unusual way of rebelling against her attacker and kind of shrugging him off. I’m sure that’s not how the script writer, or Kayla for that matter, intended it, but that’s just my take on that part. The gunning down part was of course the main attraction for me. I love Kayla reactions and I really loved her slowly fighting her way back to her feet time and time again. Then when Kayla finally goes down, you can’t blame the hit man for giving Kayla a double tap or two or ten before considering his job done. I definitely got to give it to this one as this was an awesome take on the whole gun down Kayla idea and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Overall score 9.5/10