Review of The Boxing Lesson

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Boxing Lesson – 15 Mins

We join Shauna and Vanessa in the dressing room where they discuss the fact that they’re the best female boxers around. They both decide that they can make some extra cash if they team up to give boxing lessons so the deal is struck. The scene fades into a view of Vanessa in her bikini and boxing gloves awaiting the first student. But Shauna isn’t around! You play the part of the student and end up flat on your back as Vanessa quickly destroys you with her boxing gloves. Suddenly, Shauna arrives and sees that Vanessa cheated her so she puts on her boxing gloves and attacks Vanessa. What follows is a one sided beat down of a groggy and rather incoherent Vanessa as Shauna punches her all over the ring! Poor punch drunk Vanessa finds herself on the receiving end of several speedbag facials, headlock punches, and even gets her arms trapped in the ropes as Shauna taunts and punches her out! In the end, Shauna brings the groggy Vanessa over to where you’re lying and asks if you think she’s had enough. You obviously say no and Shauna takes Vanessa back into the center of the ring for a spectacular finish! We think you’ll LOVE this silly boxing beat down of the veteran Vanessa!

A nice silly boxing vid from FWR here. I like this set up with a little POV action before Shauna walks in and the actual video kicks off. It takes one uppercut to send Vanessa into wonderland, she stumbles all around the ring and gets knocked down a bunch of time, talking jubberish the rest of the time. Shauna is consistent with trash talking as she prances about the ring mocking Vanessa and punching the daylights out of her. This is a match that I think would have worked either way, both Vanessa and Shauna can sell great silly boxing roles. Had it been Becca, or Peyton, or Madison beating up Vanessa, I would feel differently, those girls have to lose to Vanessa. I love all the big face punches, all the knockdowns and speed bag facials, and of course all the silly reactions/dizziness. Topped off with a great final spread eagle KO and a minute or so of victory poses. I’ve always been a fan of FWR’s silly boxing vids and this definitely another fun on to add to my collection.

Overall Score: 9/10