Review of The Bookworm vs Two

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Bookworm vs Two – 11 mins

It’s been a long time since the bookworm’s been here and Becca remembers the beating she received from Mindy and the birdies she heard from all the knockouts! So our blond beauty has enlisted the help of Kat to hopefully defeat the cocky bookworm. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen. Kat walks right into a right cross and Becca follows suit with them both knocked out on the carpet. When they awaken, Mindy tells them to fight each other but Kat refuses … only to get sucker punched by Becca who doesn’t want to be hit by Mindy anymore! The two girls end up in a body pile again and when they wake up they find themselves in the ring wearing boxing gloves while Mindy reads her book in the corner. Kat and Becca punch it out for a while, each knocking the other girl out until Mindy finally puts on her own pair of boxing gloves to join the fight. She easily knocks both girls out then gets them on the ropes for a double Fem Wrestling Rooms Patented Speedbag Facial! In the end we find Becca and Kat sitting at Mindy’s feet, apologizing for trying to fight her. But one more bop on the head has them both hearing birdies and cuckoos and ending up as a foot stool for the bookworm, Mindy!

These bookworm vids are always great for a laugh, the effortlessness of the Mindy’s dominance is so much fun and this one follows suit of the series. I love that Kat gets so confident when she first sees Mindy, but easily gets KO’d, then Becca is quick to start back peddling, trying to get out of another beating, but of course it’s to no avail. Becca even turns on Kat, but that too is not going to save her. We get plenty of sexy body piles in this as Kat and Becca are KO repeatedly, lots of great punch drunkenness from both ladies and of course it’s all done seemingly effortlessly by Mindy. I also love that this turned into a boxing match, I love boxing action and even more when is done in a silly fashion like this. I also think this the first time we got a double Fem Wrestling Rooms Patented Speedbag Facial, which is twice as nice, because as I always say, two jobbers are better than one. The ending gives us another laugh as Kat and Becca get turned into an ottoman for our bookworm. Overall, with this you get great one sided KOs, with some back and both boxing action mixed in, plenty of KOs, most ending with body piles, two great jobbers and one kick ass heel, who can nonchalantly dominate two girls, almost without even putting down her book.

Overall Score: 9.5/10