Review of The Bookworm: Mistaken Identity

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Bookworm: Mistaken Identity – 16 mins

This custom video features Ziva as Bookworm-Ziva, the less intimidating friend of Bookworm-Mindy. Ziva has arrived at the FWR studio and is waiting for Mindy to show up for their weekly book club. Ryan enters the room and mistakes Ziva for the infamous Bookworm who has beaten up so many girls in the past. Feeling confident that she can take her, Ryan challenges Ziva to a match but the young schoolgirl protests, explaining that she doesn’t know how to wrestle and is just waiting for a friend to arrive. Ryan doesn’t buy it for a second and drags Ziva into the ring. She explains that they will have a best of 3 falls match, and a nervous Ziva reluctantly agrees. The first fall is nothing more than a quick uppercut knockout of poor Ziva! Ryan, shocked that the girl was so easy to KO, takes a victory pose then we move on to round two. After enduring several pro wrestling holds, Ziva loses her glasses and can only seem to focus on finding them. The remainder of this video is filled with silly moves, knockouts, body piles, and an unexpected win for the cute little Ziva. We’re sure you’ll love seeing these two girls in this silly knockout video!

I keep telling you guys that FWR makes the best silly KOs vids out there and this video is another shining example. I laughed so munch throughout this video, I can tell you now it’s going into my favorites section. First off the play on the whole bookworm idea is fantastic. I love that Ryan comes in and thinks Ziva is the Mandy version of the bookworm and tries to fight her, but after the first easy KO she lets down her guard and then lots of funny things and KOs follow. I don’t know what it is about FWR but they just do silly videos the best. I don’t think anyone could make a video this ridiculous, not only work well, but actually still have a decent match with plenty of KOs at its core. I love it, I love it! Ryan and Ziva are excellent goofballs, they both get KO’d a few times and the whole show was fantastic. I really hope to see more of this version of the bookworm as she pretty much accidentally, blindly stubbles her way into another victory.

Overall score: 9.9/10