Review of The Bookworm: Mistaken Identity – Ryan Tries Again

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Bookworm: Mistaken Identity – Ryan Tries Again – 15 mins

Ryan still carries a grudge after her loss to Ziva (see “The Bookworm: Mistaken Identity”) so when she returned to FWR she searched out and found Ziva reading on the studio couch. Ryan packed a bag of knockout weapons and challenged the young girl. “I’m not who you think I am!” Ziva complained, but Ryan dragged her into the ring and punched her out. What follows is a fun display of silly knockouts, eye rolling, dizziness, and lots of back and forth action. Ryan accidentally knocks herself out with a frying pan so the shocked Ziva grabs her book to look up more knockouts. She uses a tazer from Ryan’s bag to keep Ryan stunned but as she searches for more moves in her book Ryan wakes and knocks the girl out with a sleeper hold then with a scissor hold. But it’s not over yet as the silliness continues and in the end we find Ryan out cold and Ziva posing victorious! You’ll love this creative custom sequel video!

I know I say every time that FWR puts out another one of these great silly KOs vid, but I have to keep saying it because it continues to be the truth. FWR makes the best silly KO videos out there. And I don’t mean in an OTT way either, yes there are some OTT bits and pieces, but these FWR videos are really just fun and funny. This video is another great example of what I am talking about. First Ziva, she is just perfect for these kind of videos, she full of energy and I feel like you don’t have to ask her twice to jump in front of the camera and just be completely ridiculous. Not knowing Ziva that long, she has truly impressed me with her outstanding personality and ability to sell different roles. And Ryan who I’ve know quite longer is also perfect for this. Her being vindictive and upset works flawlessly and she gets even better when she gets knocked silly. I am a huge fan of these bookworm videos, Ziva and Ryan have been fantastic and FWR continues to produce the silliest videos while somehow still making all the craziness make some kind of sense.

Overall Score: 9.5/10