Review of The Bluebird Show

Review of Next Global CrisisThe Bluebird Show (Season 4 / Villain Network 4) – 20.5 mins

Our sister network, The Heroine Network (owned entirely by VTV), has hired the ‘mighty’ Bluebird to be the face of a new show where she answers questions from viewers and welcomes guests. Her hubris forced her to take the job, her vanity made her feel she deserved it. But in TV ratings are king, and when the viewers in our focus groups told us they wanted jeopardy and controversy, we were duty bound to give it to them. And so, Bluebird’s first Mystery Guest is none other than her arch-nemesis Alaric The Great, ruler of the Darkhearts. This villainous individual is certainly a master of taunts and provocation, and this is where Bluebird’s heroic side kicks in. A fight ensues but Bluebird has never fared well against Alaric and so it proves as the hapless heroine is KO’d over and over and over again. The embarrassment of these many defeats being recorded makes things particularly humiliating for Bluebird, who spends as much time in sleepy-town as on her feet. At least she has the public’s support… I mean, if she lost that then anything might happen. Would you like to watch what happened?

Bluebird is by far my favorite NGC superheroine… in fact she maybe my favorite superheroine period, I’ll have to think about that, but nonetheless I was really excited when I stopped by NGC the other day and saw a brand new video starring her. I’ve always talked about how NGC makes all these great storylines for their videos. Well, this is their idea of a simple, one episode (I assume) storyline and it’s still phenomenal. Bluebird is the host of a live streaming show, of course they bring in arch nemesis for her first guest and they don’t tell her who’s coming. So of course a fight soon brakes out after his unannounced arrival. But things go real bad for poor Bluebird, so bad in fact the very first punch puts her instantly out cold on the floor. But the live comments make her keep trying and failing, to take Alaric down. And let me tell you I am so happy the leg hook 10 count pins have somehow found their way into this superheroine video. I get not one but two great leg hook pins. But things go from bad to worse as Alaric ups the ante, instead of pins, he just KOs Bluebird again and again and again and she’s is helpless to stop him, except when he lets her. Then in the end has to swallow her pride and the lovely beverage Alaric brought to settle their bet and of course more fun comes from that as well. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this video, Bluebird is awesome, this just shows why I love her some much. Alaric is excellent, a witty and cocky villain that just has too much fun beating up Bluebird and together they again make another top notch video. Don’t miss The Bluebird Show.

Overall Score: 9.9/10