Review of The Black Widow gets Bit

Review of Defeated The Black Widow gets Bit – 20 mins

Agent Alyssa aka The Black Widow has just completed a mission and calls in to inform her bosses that the job has been completed. As soon as she gets off the phone she hears someone enter the room behind her, she instantly draws her gun and spins around to find another spy there. The new spy introduces herself as Talia and tells Alyssa that the agency wants her dead and she’s here to carry out that mission, because she couldn’t pass up on the chance to take down the famous Black Widow. Talia talks Alyssa into putting her gun down and handling things woman to woman. Alyssa says, “OK, you asked for it.” Putting the gun down and kicking it away. A fight ensues, but unfortunately for The Black Widow, things quickly turn ugly for her. Talia fights her way out of Alyssa’s first attack, and then renders Alyssa helpless with a head-butt, a two fingered jab to the throat and a kick to face, Alyssa’s eyes roll back in her head as she slowly slides down the wall, landing on the floor and twitching. Talia mocks Alyssa while punching her in the belly. Alyssa is able to gather her wits a little a pulls a knife from her boot. Alyssa dazed, but clears her head and is able to take Talia to ground. Alyssa thinks she has control now, but Talia just holds Alyssa back for a while until she decides to take control again. Using a head scissors Talia is able to KO Alyssa again. Again Alyssa’s eyes rolls back in her head as she slowly fades to black. Talia plays with Alyssa’s limp body a while and then waits for her to wake up. When Alyssa wakes up, Talia lets her get back to her feet before KOing her again with a dragon sleeper. No matter how much Talia talks trash Alyssa is just no match for Talia. With Alyssa out again Talia searches Alyssa body and finds the stolen flash drive and calls it in. While on the phone Alyssa wakes up and attacks Talia from behind, wrapping a cord around Talia’s neck. It seems Talia might finally be in trouble, but not for long. With her hands Talia reaches back and chokes Alyssa. Talia’s grip is much too strong and Alyssa is forced to let go. Even still Alyssa isn’t strong enough to pry Talia’s hands for her throat and Talia is able to KO her again. Talia wakes Alyssa and tells her to beg for her life, but Alyssa doesn’t comply. Another choke out KO follows and another chance to beg for her life, but Alyssa remain reluctant. Alyssa tries to go for her gun, but she way too weak now, Talia easily disarms her and snaps her neck, completing the mission. Talia calls in a mission complete and leave the carcass of the once great Black Widow behind.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time we got a little spy vs spy action for you, with a spy demise ending. I do believe this is the first time we get to see Alyssa losing a match in the end, as I am pretty sure she has either dominated or won in the end of her videos thus far. This turns out to be a great thing, Alyssa was quick and clear to show that she is an excellent jobber. First and foremost, her eye rolling is amazing and there is a lot of it in these video. Honestly some of the best eye rolling, I’ve seen from the Hungarian group at Defeated. There’s also some nice twitching here, some dazed reactions and plenty of limp play. I was very impressed by Alyssa’s selling, she is definitely someone to look forward to seeing lose in the future. I think Alyssa and Talia could be the Elizabeth and Stella of Hungary for Defeated, but that’s pretty high praise and I can’t honestly call them that just yet, I’m just saying it’s possible. This vid was an excellent example of some role reversal, with Talia winning and Alyssa losing, which is the opposite of the norm and they both did really great in their roles. I’m not the biggest fan of the body suit Alyssa’s got on, just because I don’t like body suits, but the boots are nice and Talia’s dress is pretty great. Overall, this was a great spy vs spy vid, with lots of nice domination, great selling, plenty of limp play, a pretty decent story and a nice neck snap to wrap things up. Easily on of my favorite videos from the Hungarian group so far and I look forward to see Alyssa lose in more clips in the future.

Overall Score: 9.9/10