Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE BAT’S GONNA HIT THE FAN – 30 Mins

batAfter a distress call, the lovely Batgirl (Tracy Jordan) makes her way to a hotel room: one where an unconscious woman (played by Caroline Pierce in her SKW DEBUT!) seems to be tied up on the bed.  Tracy runs in to help but the woman wakes up and reveals that it was all a ruse set up so she’d be able to meet the one and only Bat-Tracy!  Turns out Caroline is the superheroine’s # 1 (crazed) fan, and an annoyed Bat-Tracy calmly tells her she has no time to hang out…as there are tons of people that REALLY need her help!  She tries to leave but Caroline traps her in a sleeper hold, knocking her out cold!  Insulted, Caroline proceeds to torture Bat-Tracy, repeatedly waking her up and knocking her out…and even changing her into a bikini version of her Bat suit!!!! Caroline decides to take Tracy’s belt of as well, only to get a huge dose of Bat-sleep gas from the booby-trapped accessory!  She passes out on top of Bat-Tracy, who wakes up moments later.  We then see a side of Bat-Tracy not many have witnessed: the rage-fueled heroine seeking revenge for the humiliations Caroline handed down!  Tracy wakes Caroline up and tortures her # 1 fan with a sleeper hold KO, an OTS carry to the living room, a neck pinch KO WHILE in the carry, multiple angry punches to the face, an uppercut KO, a cape chokeout, a chokeout with Caroline’s own FOOT, and a final forced ingestion of a sleepy drug that causes partial amnesia! Caroline swallows the liquid, rolling her eyes as Bat-Tracy explains how she’ll never remember her true identity.  Caroline succumbs and goes to sleep.  Tracy uses Caroline’s own limbs to tie her up and leaves. Moments later Tracy is on the phone, calling the commissioner and asking for Caroline’s transport to Arkham Asylum.  As she heads out, however, a blast of sleepy gas hits her.  Turns out Caroline rigged the room to make sure she could not escape!   We fade out on both unconscious ladies as this story comes to a close!

Another great creation from this year’s Fetcon. You know you can’t have Tracy Jordan around and not have a Bat-Tracy video and this is another one that goes in the win/win column as I got a good dose of the amazing Tracy selling that I know I and love, as well as being introduced some great selling a flexibility from Caroline. This one also comes with a great storyline, I love the fake set up to lure in Bat-Tracy, the crazy fan, willing to KO Bat-Tracy just to keep her around, all the booby-traps used to turn the tides and all the other KO toys used in this vid. Caroline does a great job being the crazed fan, she’s just about scary, in a fun kind of way. And I love outfits too, I love the Bat suit, but the Bat-bikini and boots was amazing. I tend to feel that most vids shot in hotel rooms are a little lack luster, well not this one that’s for sure. In this case, I think the hotel room setting actually made this one better, I couldn’t imagine it working as well in the mat room. Superheroine fans, KO fans, fans of boots, bikini, and/or pantyhose, even us over the top guys get a little something to love in this one.

Overall Score: 9.5/10