Review of THE BANZAI BABES: chapter 2

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE BANZAI BABES: chapter 2 – 19 mins

We open on Sumiko complaining about yet another loss for the Banzai Babes, and she’s sorted out what the problem is…  Nicole.  Trash talking leads to a showdown as Nicole overhears Sumiko’s boasts.  Then it’s on. Sumiko opens with a quick low-blow, followed by ramming Nicole’s head into the wall before delivering a series of devastating belly punches and belly kicks to a grunting and moaning Nicole.  Thrown to the floor Nicole is put into a Boston Crab, then a surfboard torture rack, with hair pulling and chin-locking before applying a deadly sleeper hold, knocking Nicole out, for a face-sitting pin of 10. But it doesn’t end there, as Nicole wakes to find herself being put into a brutal camel clutch, then a t-bone leg-lock complete with belly punches for good measure as she gasps and swoons, passing out once again. Trash-talking and a slow count give Nicole the chance to reverse as she hits Sumiko with a swift set of belly punches, followed by two snap-mare neck throws, then a chicken-wing arm-bar with sleeper hold combo leaves Sumiko dazed and eventually unconscious.  A brutal showdown with lots of holds, knockouts and trash-talking pins follows…  who will pay the price of betrayal?

Sumiko and Nicole Oring don’t really need any new reasons to fight each other, but them forming a tag team, that doesn’t win very often, or at all for that matter and then them fighting over whose fault it is adds a new ripple to their never ending feud. Both girls are awesome on both sides of a match, which is news to no one. They’ve both being doing this kind of thing for what seems like forever. So, of course when they work together only good things happen, which should also be a surprise to no one. They’ve made so many videos together sometimes they’ve even made invisible opponent vids where the invisible is the other one of them. Therefore, this vid was destined for greatness from the start and lived up to that expectation. Sumiko starts off with the advantage and puts Nicole through a good number of holds, KOs and pins. Then of course Nicole makes a comeback and Sumiko ends up on the receiving end of submissions KOs and pins, eventually giving Nicole the win, using the very sexy spladle pin as a final pin and a final bondage scene with a hogtied Sumiko for a little added humiliation. Overall, Nicole was great for her jobbing part, but Sumiko was a little more over the top with her selling, so I liked that a little more and she lost in the end, which I thought was the best choice. Either way, it’s always a good choice and a great time to watching Nicole and Sumiko going at it. A legendary rivalry that will live on forever.

Overall Score: 9.9/10