Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE BALLAD OF SPARROW and TAKAIJI – 35 Mins

sparrowTWO EPIC BATTLES BETWEEN 6’4 Takaiji and the lovely (and 4’11) Sparrow!!! Match # 1 features Takaiji vengeful after her loss against Sparrow, waiting for the tiny fighter to stretch before their match.  Takaiji attacks, with Sparrow dodging her approach several times.  Sparrow’s luck soon runs out, however, as Takaiji snaps her up into a tight and brutal BEARHUG!   She squeezes Sparrow into unconsciousness and begins a one-sided beatdown… relishing every KO as she gets some well-deserved revenge!  By the end, the lovely Sparrow is reduced to ragdoll status as Takaiji pours on the punishment! Match # 2 is a custom KOs clip, featuring Sparrow as a willing victim to Takaiji’s many KOs during a private “session”.  Sparrow admires Takaiji’s biceps and even watches as Takaiji lifts some weights… moments before being subjected to several long-held sleeper hold that keep the tiny wrestler on the edge of unconsciousness until a final squeeze sends her to sleep! Takaiji releases and re-applies the sleepers, enjoying every second of Sparrow’s suffering… until yet another KO claims her! Sparrow eventually starts to drool as she convulses, her arms trapped behind her during every knockout. Saliva dribbles down her chest as Takaiji continues the assault, ending the session with a brutal double arm smother that covers Sparrow’s face!  She lets go as Sparrow spews out a long stream of drool, leading to a double armed chokeout KO and a final EXTENDED drool-filled sleeper that leaves Sparrow out cold (and somehow content) for the rest of the day!  Takaiji adds one more post KO drooling sleeper, one that we’re pretty sure Sparrow won’t even remember when she eventually comes to! A final over the shoulder carry ends this amazing session, as Takaiji takes her adorable and snoozing client off for a well-deserved nap!

Another amazing two for one deal from SKW. This one starting one of my all-time favorites, Sparrow Summers, in two amazing jobber performances. The first match being what a consider a more simple, lighter version of the custom Sparrow did for me, because you get a lot of what you got in my vid. There’s twitching, drooling, spit takes, limp piledrivers, several pin attempts and some ragdolling, for the last few minutes, all wrapped up in a little 15 min package. It’s another amazing performance from Sparrow, and my favorite of the two. The second one is also extremely good and very over the top as well. This one starts with some muscle worship, where I was highly amused with Sparrow’s oohhs and aahhs, as well as her super cute looks of awe, as she rubs on Takaiji’s arms and does some size comparisons. That last the first few mins and wraps up just before I get bored. Then the video really kicks off as Sparrow allows Takaiji to put her in multiple extended sleepers, as well as a few other holds where she first lets Sparrow hang around the edge of consciousness and later puts Sparrow all the way out several times. The whole time Sparrow does some great eye crossing, while she twitches and drools wildly, it’s truly quite an amazing sight. This one wraps up it a ragdoll sleeper, more over the top drooling and a nice over the shoulder carry. Two extremely impressive videos with Sparrow putting on quite a show for us, one that should move her up everyone’s jobber ranking list, as she gets dominated by the awesome Takaiji. Simply put, this in a definite must own.

Overall Score: 10/10