Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE BALLAD OF LIA AND SUMIKO: COMPLETE – 32 Mins

BOTH BATTLES TOGETHER AT A REDUCED COMBO PRICE! Part one of this two part series features a sleepers ONLY match between the lovely Lia Labowe and Sumiko!  Whoever scores the most KOs and pins within the time limit is declared the winner, and both ladies attack with gusto.   There are MULTIPLE sleeper hold KOs, tons of eyerolling, reversals, pins, and MORE as Lia and Sumiko struggle to get the high score before the clock runs out!   Also included:  belly punching, double KOs, body scissors, arm checks, TONS of 5 count pins, leg drops, front sleeper, sleeper reversals, and MORE! A final drooling sleeper leaves Lia Labowe down and out right when the timer ends!  Sumiko goes for the pin…and the WIN! PART TWO: After losing to Sumiko in part one (sleepers), Lia looks determined as the ladies go at it in a piledrivers match!  The winner has to score a piledriver KO followed by a ten count pin in order to win, and the battle begins.  BOTH ladies are on the prowl, each one out maneuvering the other and nailing a wide variety of piledrivers, including REVERSE piledriver KOs, multiple NEAR pins, regular piledriver KOs, Tombstone piledriver KOs, twitching, convulsing, and more…until a pissed off Lia Labowe drags Sumiko OUTSIDE for a final driver!  Sumiko punches her way out and traps Lia in a TOMBSTONE but Lia wriggles and REVERSES it, flipping Sumiko completely!   She nails the driver onto the ground, knocking Sumiko out! Lia nails Sumiko’s OWN split pin cover for the win…and a devastating loss for Sumiko!

Here’s an SKW clip that I must have passed on because he updated before I got a chance to review it, because I cannot see why this wasn’t reviewed upon release. (Little side note: If that ever happens with a video you want a review for, because I do move on to the new stuff as soon as he updates, send me a message, or comment, or post on the request forums and ask me to review it and I will.) Anyway, a real sweet two for one special here, with Sumiko and Lia Labowe. Both matches are done in the same outfits, which is really nice for me, I do love the one piece, knee pads and boots combo and I’m really happy they didn’t change between matches. First up is the sleepers only match, with tons of eyerolling KOs and wide assortment of sexy pins. Nothing not to love here, just plenty of great selling by both girls and I just love all those pins, great looking pins and wonderful struggling before the inevitable KO, even topped off with a final drooling KO by Lia. Next is the piledrivers match, much like the sleepers match but only using piledrivers this time instead of sleepers, the eyerolling is replaced with some twitching, although there is still some eyerolling and the pins aren’t successful until the final outdoors reversal piledriver for Sumiko in the grass, or as I like to call the grass at SKW, outdoor carpeting. You can buy these videos together or separately, but honestly if you think you like one of these, than you are more than likely going to enjoy them both.  

Overall Score: 9.5/10