Review of THAT WAS LOW

Superheroine Movies


Sumiko, Anne Marie, and Monroe face off against one another in tiny bikinis in this brutal cunt busting battle!  Bad has been simmering between the trio for a while and when they cut loose on each other, nothing is held back! Knees, punches, and kicks are repeatedly driven into tender crotches as each lady seeks to destroy the other.  At times two of them will join forces to attack the third but these alliances are always short lived as only one woman can walk away the winner of this vicious battle!  Fans of cunt busting, punches, kicks, and other strikes…as well as fans of over the top reactions, this match is for you!

You guys knew this was coming, in fact, a lot of you were asking when and if I would be reviewing vids from this “Sensually Savage Productions” and I said of course I would. Well, here is the first one of from this new production that I really loved, and of course there will be more. But first, a bunch you have also been asking if I knew who was running this production, as everyone seems to be curious, but unfortunately, I know no more then you guys. It’s clearly someone from Atlanta, close to SKW, so we have to assume it’s one of our regular SKW girls. With that out of the way, let’s move on to the video. I am not actually that big of a fan of cunt busting vids, but I am a big fan of cunt busting puns, I’m also a big fan of these three ladies and silly/OTT reactions. So, having a vid with Sumiko, Anne-Marie and Monroe cunt punting each other in a crazy free for all was actually pretty fun. They all make silly faces, with their tongues hanging out and their eyes crossing every time one of their foes hits them between the uprights. It’s actually the perfect vid for me and my stupid puns, it’s the same kind of silliness. There’s also a few KOs mixing in, some sexy KO poses and of course plenty of short lived teams and 1 on 2 destruction. In the end, these three ladies could work for anyone and deliver greatness, and even though I’m not a cunt busting fan, the over reacting and silly faces made this a ton of fun to watch, plus it’s with some of my top favorite girls, this one just works great for me.  

Overall Score: 9.5/10