Review of Thanks for the Party

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Thanks for the Party – 11.5 Mins

MadisonThis custom video opens with Madison reading an invitation to a going away party because she’s leaving for the summer. Wearing her street clothes, she arrives to the dark studio and is suddenly ambushed by Becca! It turns out that Becca has tricked her rival and quickly knocks her out with a sleeper hold! Becca then removes Madison’s clothes and tosses her into the ring to play with her! She steadies the groggy girl in the center of the ring and tells her that this is actually a “going away FOREVER” party! The blond proceeds to bounce off the ropes and hit Madison with a few shoulder blocks. But Becca doesn’t realize that Madison is playing that she’s groggy, waiting until she gains her strength! When Becca goes for a third running shoulder block, Madison greets her with a well-placed stomp to the face! Becca goes down … and Madison goes to town on her! Body slams, head scissors, a torture rack, a back breaker, ankle locks, a figure four leg lock, and some atomic drops are in store for the blond! Finally, having totally exhausted Becca, Madison does a final body splash and pins her for a ten count. Madison takes a little victory pose and says “Thanks for the Party! See you in a few months!” and leaves. This custom video features lots of barefoot views for the fans who love that sort of thing 😉 We can’t wait for Madison to return!!

A nice set up for yet another Becca squash and a great little send off for the beautiful Madison. I always hate to hear that Madison is leaving us, but it’s always comforting to hear that she plans on coming back. So, I really like this set up, with Becca trying to ambush Madison, but Madison is tougher then Becca thought and it’s Madison who ends up dominating. We do get a nice sleeper KO on Madison and she gets striped down to her bikini, but once in the ring a quick little smile to the camera tells as a comeback is afoot. That foot being delivered straight to Becca’s face and marks the beginning of her downfall. From then on it is total domination for Madison as she puts Becca through a good number of holds and moves. There’s a nice slight focus on foots shots in this one, just a lot of angels where you can get a good look at their feet while they wrestle. Becca of course is an amazing jobber, I don’t think I can ever get tired of seeing her on the losing side and even better when she sets herself up like this. A nice turn of events here, making another great Becca squash and can’t wait till Madison gets back to kick some more butt, but also lose a little too.

Overall Score: 9/10