Review of Test of KO Strength VI

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTest of KO Strength VI – 14 Mins

It’s been a long time since we had a Test of KO Strength contest so when Shauna Ryanne came to visit we KNEW we’d have to put her up against our own Becca! The girls exchanged knockouts with the winner being determined by who lasted the longest with each knockout. Shauna and Becca competed in a boxing glove punch knockout, bear hug knockout, dragon sleeper knockout, straight head scissor knockout, temple drill knockout, black jack blow knockout, and a final double nerve pinch knockout. And to end things with a bang, the winner adds in a final sleeper hold to the loser leaving no doubt who was the champion of this contest! Don’t miss all the eye rolling fun!

Sometimes it’s just fun to have a video that isn’t a match or story driven, but is still filled with KOs performed by two awesome sellers. Shauna and Becca go back and forth competing to see who’s easier to knock out. They use a bunch of different tactics and give us some great reactions. My personal favorites and the boxing, blackjack and temple drill KOs. Becca does come out on top adding an extra sleeper just to seal her victory. These videos are great fun and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more of these more often.

Overall score: 9/10