Review of Terra Mizu POV Boxing (Defeat)

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Review of Hit the MatTerra Mizu POV Boxing (Defeat) – 9 Mins

terraTerra Mizu comes to Hit the Mat! She is topless and looking to kick some ass. Too bad for her, she gets her ass kicked! Terra puts up a fight at the start, but it worn down and eventually overwhelmed. Terra has a sexy body with large bare breasts, and that body and those breasts (as well as her crotch and jaw) are targets for “your” punches. Terra gets her eyes rolled as she is knocked around the ring, cursing you out for beating her until she is pummeled in to submission and can no longer continue

Terra Mizu, a name of heard a ton of times, but actually haven’t see her in action to many times stars in this kickass POV boxing match from HTM. She starts off confident and strong as she brushes off your first few punches and retaliates with a few of  her own. Things quickly go downhill for the topless boxer as your punches soon have great effect and send her reeling all around the ring. I definitely have to hand it to Terra, she really sold this very well. I love how her head snaps back from the punches often coming back looking dazed with some pretty good eyerolling mixed in there, she gets knocked down plenty of times and is still attacked while she’s down too. She even talks a fair amount of trash through the punches, at least before she was too out of it. The final KO isn’t as “final” as I’d like, Terra does go completely out, after a few more punches while she’s down are added, but she’s pretty quickly back to her feet as she takes a break in the corner, which set up the separate half of this video where I’m sure she gets her revenge. I definitely enjoyed this one, great reactions and I nice over job from Terra in this.

Overall Score: 9/10