Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTEACHING BAMBI – 16 mins

Bambi has hired Jordynne to teach her some pro wrestling moves that she can utilize in her sessions, making her a more valued session wrestler. While Bambi is serious as she explains her situation, it’s clear from the get-go that Jordynne is all about mocking her student. It’s not long before Bambi tires of Jordynne’s condescension and tries to leave. Unfortunately, as Jordynne states, Bambi’s already paid in full and she WILL be getting her training! Before Bambi even has the chance to be confused, Jordynne delivers a stomach kick and pedigree that leave the novice reeling. What Jordynne lacks in kindness she more than makes up for in attention to detail. Bambi is taken through hold after debilitating hold, each and every one named and explained by Jordynne. It’s crystal clear that Jordynne is loving every minute of Bambi’s ‘training’: even enlisting the help of the camera guy to check on Bambi when she’s knocked out. Talk about a team player! Bambi is dragged through this training as more or less a pretty, pitiful lump. Despite being overtly dominated, Bambi doesn’t have the energy even after the initial KO to put up much of a defense. She walked into this situation and was utterly and completely destroyed from the get go.

Another wonderful squash, at the extremely talented hands of Jordynne Grace. I think it’s such a great honor to have someone like Jordynne visiting SKW so often. I also love this storyline with Bambi coming to see someone else get beaten up by Jordynne, only to find out, a little too late, that she gets to be the victim. Then we get to see Jordynne flex her muscles, sometimes literally and she puts Bambi through her paces while teaches us viewers and eventually Bambi too, when she recovers, a few new moves. I liked that Bambi in this video started selling a little more over the top with each KOs eventually getting to the point where she was twitching, drooling and eyes rolling by the finale. Bambi is an excellent jobber and her selling skills are on full display here. Another thing I liked was the removal of Bambi’s boots and hoodie right away. I normally would complain about removing boots from a jobber that early in a vid, but those boots weren’t appealing at all, so good riddance. And the hoodie would only cover up that wonderful body of hers and who wants that? Overall if you’re looking for a great pro style squash match, with plenty of power moves and with two excellent performers, than you don’t have to look any further than this.

Overall score: 9.9/10