Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTEACHING ANABELLE PYNC – 16 Mins

AnabelleWe fade in on Anabelle Pync (making her SKW debut) learning a few wrestling holds from Chanel Yeoung.  Jinx and SK are allowed to document the event… one that goes awry when Anabelle keeps accidentally knocking Chanel out during what was supposed to be a pain-free set of demonstrations!  Anabelle keeps sending Chanel to dreamland via sleeper hold, a punch to the jaw, and a DDT KO.  Anabelle is genuinely mortified, but at this point Chanel has had enough.  She suddenly attacks, deciding to teach Anabelle a REAL lesson. She repeatedly knocks the rookie out, demolishing her until she’s sure the blonde jobber’s down for the count!!!

Another new face to SKW and new to me as well. I do love it when new girls come in and go right to the over the top stuff when it comes their selling, give in us some twitching and drooling right off the bat. Now, the top sellers don’t have anything to worry about yet but, I think Anabelle did a great job on her first try, very good twitching, drooling and overall selling. Chanel was fantastic, both winning and losing. I loved the accidental knockouts, the look on her face when she’s finally had enough and how much fun she had teaching Anabelle a lesson. Also this ending was another great part. I love the hogtie endings and this one was really nice with an extra “self KO” thrown in. This was a good first impression by Anabelle and it’s great to see Chanel again.

Overall score: 8.5/10